How to Get More Leads for Your Business in 2024

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Watch The Replay Of the Workshop & Discover the 5-Part Framework to Unlock Endless Leads for Your Business!

▶ 5 Profit-generating secrets to attracting more leads and clients from LinkedIn & your website.

▶ 4 goals any marketing tactic must achieve

▶ 3 biggest reasons your marketing isn’t working and what to do about it.

▶ 2 key metrics you must focus on for more leads, and more clients.

▶ 1 best strategy that generates 67%-90% more leads AND works for every service business!

Secret #1 Dig Your Well BEFORE You’re Thirsty

You need to generate a steady pipeline of leads before you need customers. Discover the ONE best strategy that generates 67-90% more leads AND it works for every service business!

Secret #2 Building the Know-Like-Trust Factor Can Be Automated!

Most entrepreneurs and sales teams are inviting prospects to book a calendar appt too early in the relationship. Learn how to build a simple nurture sequence and watch your calendar bookings blow up!

Secret #3 You Don’t Buy Email Lists. You Build Them.

Buying email lists is really a thing of the past and it’s also a sure way to land you in spam jail. Find out how you can leverage your marketing to build a list of prospects who want to receive emails from you.

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Since 1992 she has started, turnkeyed, and sold 3 other businesses. Her advice has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Fortune, Money magazine, CNN and The Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Business Journal, and more.

Since 2007 Yoon Cannon has helped SMB Owners speed and scale your sales growth through her CEO Mastermind groups, Marketing Training, and 1-1 Business Coaching.

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