What We Do

We Can Help You Create the FUTURE You Want

Which of these describe your GOALS the best? 

You want to feel financially secure knowing your business has the right systems for predictable growth.

You want to have the time freedom to relax and travel anytime you want without any hiccups in your business.

You want to be known as the top leader in your industry leaving a legacy or excellence and innovation. 

You want to free myself to just do aspects of the business you love the most.

You want to create a culture of growth and learning, so your people work as hard as you do.

You  want to put a strategy on a white board and have your team magically implement all your ideas.

… And Remove the Obstacles Getting in Your Way

Which of these describe your FRUSTRATIONS the best?


  • You’re overwhelmed and confused with so many marketing ideas you don’t know which one will work for your business.
  • You don’t have enough time to service clients you have while prospecting for additional clients.
  • None of your employees can do the job as well as you can.
  • You hate babysitting your employees and have to constantly hold them accountable.
  • You just can’t find good people with great work ethic and critical thinking skills.

Training new employees takes me too long and pulls you out of money making activities you want to focus on.

I Understand How You Feel …


As a longtime entrepreneur myself I have felt all those same fears and frustrations throughout my 28 years of starting, turnkeying and selling three other businesses in brick and mortar, business to consumer (B2C), B2B service business, retail, and membership based businesses. 


I have lived both sides of running a busy solo practice as well having 30-80 people on my payroll and managing six additional branch locations. I’ve spent close to three decades trial and erroring hundreds of ideas and strategies that didn’t work and sort of worked to painstakingly discover which methods worked best in which context. 


With our help, you don’t have to make these same costly mistakes. You can side step the years of struggle and save yourself unnecessary pain and frustration.


What I Found Is This…

There is no ‘one size fits all’ business growth solution. 

Although I mainly work with 6 and 7 figure business owners everyone’s businesses have different strengths, different gaps and different constraints. What I found were the most effective ways to helping startups to 20M business owners fell into these 5 core approaches:

Remember the 3 Fundamental Rules for Business Growth:

Business Growth Rule #1. NEVER STOP MARKETING!




Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the internet and social media has transformed the way people buy. What used to work 5, 10 years ago isn’t going to cut it today.


Why? … Because like it or not, we live in a DIGITAL world. 


To stay competitive you need a new approach to reach the new buyer. The good news is we’ve got your back. 


With our help you can …
Transform your marketing from a cost center 😩
into a profit center 😊💰


1️⃣ First, we will do a full SWOT diagnostic of marketing based on the goals and common sales objections you share in our preliminary intake. book a complimentary discovery call here



2️⃣ Second, we will recommend what the ideal Marketing Strategy would be for your unique business to achieve your specific sales goals.

3️⃣Then you get to pick and choose which method to get you there.


[PLANE icon] … Done-FOR-You:  RENT OUR MARKETING TEAM — our team of specialist experts do your marketing FOR you. 

[CAR icon] …     Teach-YOU-How:  ENROLL IN POWER BIZ ACADEMY — where we train your team how to implement key marketing
    strategies that are work are working the best for your industry today.

Done-WITH-You: HIRE YOON to Work 1-1 with You -- get Yoon’s expert guidance to your unique growth strategy.


Whether you’re looking to shorten your sales cycle or you need to systematize your sales process you’re making a smart decision to seek seasoned sales growth strategist.  I take a holistic GROWTH approach which has helped businesses all around the globe attract more clients and build high performing sales teams.


Some of my past clients’ outcome results include helping a…


▶ STARTUP business go from 0 to 2 Million in under two years.

▶ B2B company grow from 18 million to 24 million an annual sales.

▶ National direct sales company grow to 250 million in sales.


With this level of transformations, you can imagine working 1-1 with me is an investment that does not come cheap.




Cheap in the short run is actually the most expensive in the long run. Do you really want to take that chance when it comes to your business?


Say NO to other business coaches and consultants who mainly come from corporate backgrounds.

  • As a business owner you need someone who truly understands the unique challenges
    you go through from personal experience, not just stale textbook knowledge.

You need a business coach who has ‘been there, done that’


  • I come from an entrepreneur background. Since 1992 I have started, turnkeyed and sold three other businesses
    ranging from B2B, B2C, local brick and mortar and online businesses.
  • My experience includes scaling my first business to six additional branch locations, hiring and training 30-80 team members.
  • I’m honored to have been featured in


Business Growth Rule #3. NEVER STOP GROWING!

“To continue growing, entrepreneurs, managers, and 

business owners must become the leader the business needs for

 each particular stage of growth. And since a company’s needs change 

at each stage, its leaders need to keep evolving at the right pace.”  

In other words, your business will only grow as much as YOU are growing as the CEO.

People grow faster together.


As the President of your own company,

you’re in business FOR yourself, 

but you don’t have to be in business BY yourself. 



Work 1-1 with me or get support and guidance from one of our CEO Mastermind Groups.
Apply for a free strategy call here:  https://www.paramountbusinesscoach.com/coaching-call-sign-up/

I invite you to contact me (215) 292-4947 EST for a no-charge discovery session where we can explore your business needs.