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“I was Yoon’s client from 2000-2006 from one of her previous businesses and have sought her business coaching advice in 2018. She is a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to strategizing the best way to market your specific type of business. As a marketing professional myself, that’s a big compliment!

The market is flooded with lot of self purported “business coaches” who don’t end up helping you get results, but Yoon Cannon is the real deal. And she really cares about your success.”

Blair Johnson

President, BWJ Enterprises llc; Process Service PA llc

After enrolling in Yoon’s program within just a couple of weeks (and really days), I was able to clarify my landing page's purpose

I chose to work with Yoon to help me clean up my landing pages so they would convert more traffic. I was stuck unable to see the forest from the trees with my landing page and needed some fresh expert eyes.

I really began to see from a different perspective how to monetize the site. Now, I have clarity of purpose with my site, it is so much clearer what I am trying to sell, and I can help so many more people.

Yoon has a keen eye for sales and marketing online and I have studied under some of the greatest marketers on the planet including Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, and Dan Kennedy. She is a true expert at stripping away the BS and getting to the meat of what we really need to focus on with our websites. Thank you so much Yoon!

Morgan Robinson We Teach Couples How To Build A Business Without
Sacrificing Their Marriage On The Altar Of Success

I hired Yoon because she brought different ideas to our business. She has helped our sales team with different business development approaches.

We also looked to Yoon to help with our Sales management. She has brought some expectations to our Business Development and Sales Managers on how to develop our sales force and how to take our sales force into the next era we want to go.

We also utilized Yoon to coach and train our office personnel. They have gotten much better organized and better able to handle various people issues as well as HR issues. Yoon brought all those qualities together!

Lou Pellegrino President, BP Environmental Corp.
a middle market B2B services company

I have doubled my business in the first 6 months working with Yoon!

There are always many challenges in running a business. my weekly calls with you and have been the aspirin for my headache. I get more energized from our business coaching calls than my double latte and morning workout combined!

Jack Wilson Owner at Liquid Capital

Yoon has helped my company do a much better job at targeting our markets and better focusing our business planning.

After only a few months of working with Yoon in her marketing Action Group Coaching Club, she has helped my company do a much better job at targeting our markets and better focusing our business planning. We have also become more disciplined at scheduling and recording our work, all of which has all helped to improve our monthly Revenue. Thank you Yoon!

Jack Kerins President
AirMed Biotech

My company was having challenges narrowing down and naming our target market. Yoon Canon clearly outlined great strategy points for us. Her seminar was very engaging and highly motivating and Yoon Canon is just generally a pretty cool speaker!

Cheryl Castro President

I found Yoon Cannon's seminar on how to find your wow factor highly useful for our business! And, Yoon is very personable and relatable.

Valerie Stock Image Consultant

I found Yoon Cannon's seminar on how to find your wow factor highly useful for our business! And, Yoon is very personable and relatable.

Sharon McConnell HomeStagingonParkAve.com

I would highly recommend Yoon Cannon. She offers great to the point ideas to implement. her seminar was highly informative!

Christen Facler iOrganizeEverything.com

After only a few months of working with Yoon so far, she has helped my company to target our markets better,

and a much better focus on planning. We have also become more disciplined at scheduling and recording our work better all of which has helped to improve our monthly Revenue.

Chris Connard President
AmeriStructure, LLC

In just the first 6 months my business coaching sessions with Yoon have exceeded my expectations.

I was overwhelmed managing the high-growth my company was experiencing. I chose Yoon Cannon because I was confident in her abilities to help. Yoon listens incredibly well and has a fine-tuned method. She has helped me think through problems and get answers. The investment has been worth every penny spent!

Tom Cockley President
Gulden Ophthalmics

Yoon is insightful and dynamic! Applying her strategies have helped me capture more time and become so much more efficient!

Thomas Boulden Litigator
Timoney Knox Law Firm

Yoon has refocused my thought process to make large ideas into small, attainable actions to help me achieve my goals. She also reminds me of motivational speaker Anthony Robbins.

Mark Altman President
B & E Jewelers

Yoon is very grounded and gave me strategies for better focus. Very helpful and no fluff

Valerie Shoulberg CoCreationlearning.com

Yoon has helped me to refine my marketing message, and focus on the needs of my niche market. I would recommend Yoon as a business coach to clarify direction and application of valuable corporate time and resources.

David Servin Business Strategic Planner
New York Life Insurance Company

What I've seen coaching with Yoon so far is that it has really helped me reduce my stress level, become more organized, and allows me to not stress over deadlines.

As a senior account executive, I handle a book of business of over $2.5 million. In the line of work I'm in, I juggle a lot of different aspects which becomes so time-consuming. Working with Yoon has been a humongous help to me! In just the first several months of working with her, I've been able to close the loop on an additional $95k-$200k of new annual business.

Because of my new organizational and time management skills, I'm able to meet my deadlines. You can't put a price on that as to what it is done for me and my book of business this year!

Joe Veneziale Senior Account Executive
$2.5 Million Book Of Business

Yoon has been a significant resource for growing my business. Her advice and strategies has positioned my company to have our best year ever. I really trust and value her input as my business coach!

Gavin Semrow President
AI Restoration

Anyone looking to get serious and grow their business should hire Yoon. It may be the best investment you ever make in your business.

Rodger Roeser Host, That Marketing Show
Cincinnati, Ohio

Yoon Is a fantastic speaker and a highly skilled business coach.

Her expertise and unique approach to marketing has helped my web development company to stand out with a much-improved value proposition message. Her guidance has also helped me directly increase sales. I would highly recommend Yoon Canon to take your company to the next level of growth.

Tom Cockley President
Gulden Ophthalmics

Yoon is strategic, well-grounded and offers tremendous insights in our coaching. I would highly recommend Yoon Cannon! She will not disappoint.

John Arena Product Manager
Johnson & Johnson

Yoon Cannon has helped me become more observant and helped me get out of my comfort zone.

Fred Landsberg Partner
Ruben Landsberg & Sons, Phila

In just the first few months of starting yoon's marketing ACTION Group Coaching Club, I implemented one of the strategies I learned which resulted in the first time ever $90,000 contract for my company. Best investment I have ever made!

Dr. Kennedy Ononaeke President
Winning Edge Healthcare Consulting

Having attended Yoon Cannon's seminar, I found Yoon to be high energy, intelligent, and very helpful!

John LaSala Entrepreneur

In just six months working with Yoon, the value she has brought to me personally and professionally has been remarkable and measurable.

Before working with Yoon, I was not able to fully utilize my time effectively and risk losing the deals our group put under contract. In addition to running Franklin Development Group, I have two other businesses that require a lot of my attention. The ability to balance three, along with a family, required an objective eye to determine what I can do better and to reduce stress.

I've been able to learn to better utilize my minutes, hours, and days to get the most out of my efforts. I've been able to work through the various phases of the deal with specific and practical guidance from Yoon.

Personally, she has also served as a mentor, someone whom I trust pertaining to her business Acumen as well as her personal sense of values, and ethics; she has excellent judgment, both personally and professionally. Because of Yoon’s coaching, I have been able to maintain and increase my productivity level without losing more time with my family. I've been able to better appreciate my strengths and learn how to capitalize on them.

Jim Gaumond President
Franklin Development Group

I felt Yoon’s ideas were refreshing. She gave me some interesting approaches to get in traffic in my store without costing a fortune. Thank you Yoon.

Jessica Finch President
Finch Jewelers Lancaster, PA

Yoon’s unique approach to marketing has helped me to fine-tune our pitch and presentation, so our company can better attract additional funding sources to increase our business.

Dr. Joseph M. Salvino Ph.D Medicinal Chemistry
AstaTech Inc.

Yoon saved me from costly mistakes. Great support, accountability and results. I highly recommend her five stars for Yoon Canon!

Lauren Tyson President
Liquor License Advisor, Los Angeles, CA

Yoon Canon’s program has helped me to streamline our core message for our nonprofit organization. As a speaker, she gave us highly useful information that will leave you feeling energized!

Jesse Marushak HealthLinkMedical.org

It is my utmost pleasure to highly recommend Yoon Cannon.

As an attorney running a busy Law Firm practice, I am pulled in many directions. Yoon Canon has helped me Focus that Direction with her invaluable strategic planning help.

Her guidance covered all aspects of planning for our firm's continued growth from marketing strategies, to business planning, to client referral development strategies, and more.

What sold me on Yoon is her direct, no-nonsense approach, knowledge of how a small firm operates, and commitment to her clients. I have the highest level of confidence that your company would also benefit greatly from working with Yoon Cannon.

Michael Eisenberg Esquire Family Law Practice

Working with Yoon Has helped me feel so much more confident and running a business. I no longer just Market. Yoon Has helped me to learn how to methodically plan out the development and Direction I want to go. My sessions with Yoon are always invaluable!

Esther Hughes Speaker, Author, & President
Burst Inspirations

I have had the privilege of having Yoon coach me for over 2 years. Yoon’s guidance and mentorship has been a driving force for my success. I have won several #1 national awards and currently my state is #1. And for the year we are up by 40%. And, I just hit the 50 million dollar Milestone. Thanks Yoon for changing my life forever!

Michael Huboky Division Manager
Voorhees, NJ

Yoon Is very easy to work with. She's able to see the situation, analyze it and offer suggestions on how to improve it. She is great when it comes to marketing! Thanks Yoon!

Carol Cheshire Salon Owner

My training and expertise was never in marketing, so being in Yoon’s marketing ACTION Group Coaching Club has been hugely beneficial to me! I feel so much more confident and growing my business! Yoon Has helped me make smart changes that has resulted in not only attracting new clients, but attracting better clients. Thanks Yoon!

Donna Varkonyi President
Promotional Product & Embroidery Services

Yoon Is very dependable, flexible, honest, and committed to my success.

I hired Yoon as my business coach and consultant to help me grow my franchise company. The work I have done with her has helped me tremendously in determining the appropriate marketing strategy, developing an effective business plan, improving my time management, determining what to Outsource, and overall avoiding making costly mistakes that I know I would have made without her coaching. My only wish is that I started working with her and attending her workshops months ago!

Maria McGill Owner Of Franchise

I have no hesitancy in referring my clients to Yoon for Business and Professional practice development, and for personal coaching. She has demonstrated her personal business success and has proven to be a valuable coach to others.

Michael Zoglio Business Broker And President
Tower Hill advisors, LLC

With Yoon Cannon, you will get great, relevant information to help you grow your business!

Paula Gregorwicz thePaulaGcompany.com

Yoon is purely objective. Her only goal is to help get better at my job, which then goes down the line to help my team get better at their job. I think the sounding board, a totally objective person to talk to has been the greatest intangible result for me.

Tom France Sales & Business Development Manager
BP Environmental

Yoon delivers true value. She has the vision to build businesses for tomorrow and tools for business owners big and small to put into action now to see results today.

Angela Thell Managing Director

Yoon Cannon gave us great, focused direction.

In my line of work, the biggest challenge is getting our message out and reaching the right people. Yoon Cannon gave us great, focused direction to help us meet that challenge. Plus the depth of Yoon’s business experience added a key difference.

Russ Bragg distinctivefinancialservices.com

Great, Sound business advice without judgment.

Dr, Michael Kaye The Rehab Group
Sellersville, PA

If you don't have a WOW factor, you need to see Yoon Cannon.

Merri Clancy Agent
Long & Foster Real Estate

After my Executive coaching calls with Yoon and practicing our action plans for me, I found a new respect for myself.

One of my greatest challenges as a newly-promoted manager was feeling validated in my new position. I had insecurities that the employees would not respect me as the manager.

After my Executive coaching calls with Yoon and practicing our action plans for me, I found a new respect for myself. As a result, I have seen how the employees responded positively to my new outlook on myself.

Eileen McCabe Manager
BP Works

It's been really helpful to get an outside perspective on our team's strengths and weaknesses.

Yoon’s Executive coaching with our managers has already helped engage our current employees, help to resolve internal problems quicker, retain employees, as well as an overall smoother operation. In addition, it's been really helpful to get an outside perspective on our team's strengths and weaknesses.

I would highly recommend Executive coaching with Yoon Cannon. she brings an invaluable perspective that firms can benefit from now, and as they continue to grow.

Liz Granahan President
Focus Forward

I invite you to contact me for a no-charge discovery session where we can explore your business plan consulting needs.