Why It Matters

What spurred my mission…

I feel your pain of being the best kept secret — LITERALLY!
Watch my 1 minute story why helping you better market you business matters.

No one should have to pay such a steep price …

This is a true story of sacrifice I hope you will never have to make.

The day that changed how I did everything in my business…

Life has a way of throwing us a curve ball. It’s not “IF” it happens, but ‘WHEN”. Helping you prepare for it matters to me. 

It’s personal. 

Here’s one of my curve balls that took me by total surprise.

What We Believe:

About Struggle

 We believe nothing worthwhile comes easy.

We believe a struggle is never wasted if you grow from it.

We believe in sharing our successes and our failures.

We believe that failure is never fatal and success is never final.


About Success

We believe we only succeed by helping YOU succeed.

We believe the greatest successes were never achieved alone. 

We believe a shift in one degree can make a powerful difference in your business.

We believe hard work comes before success — even in the dictionary.


About You

 We believe small businesses can change the world.

We believe God created you for a powerful purpose that only You can uniquely fulfill.

We believe people are created to be in community. You are not alone.

We believe the best future is still ahead of you!


About Family

 We believe the pursuit of success should never cost you your family.

We believe family is a priceless gift to be preserved, protected, enjoyed and honored. 

We believe in treating and caring for the people we serve like you’re apart of our family.


About Human Potential

 We believe small businesses can change the world.

We believe the greatest investment you can make in your business is in yourself.

We believe the greatest entrepreneurs never stop growing because they never stop learning.

We believe the real adventure in your business begins when you unlock your true zone of genius!

About Leadership

 We believe encouragement is oxygen to the soul.

We believe the greatest privilege is to serve others.

We believe true leadership is bringing out the best in others.

We believe people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.



About Sales & Marketing

 We believe there is no business without sales.

We believe it’s not enough to be great at what you do. 

You have to get good at marketing what you do.

We believe we shouldn’t teach something until we do it first.

We believe great marketing is a skill you can learn.


I invite you to contact me for a no-charge discovery session where we can explore your business plan consulting needs.