Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing your business, skills and experience, and an incredible way of finding new leads. These top 10 LinkedIn marketing tips are designed to dramatically boost your LinkedIn profile, and help you to develop an authoritative and effective LinkedIn presence!

10. Join Industry-Relevant Groups

If you’re hunting for leads, LinkedIn groups should be your first port of call. These groups bring together all the thought-leaders, experts and potential leads from each industry. By joining these groups, you gain access to some of the key players in your industry – perfect for marketing your services and ability.

9. Participate in Group Discussions

There’s no better way to market yourself than by proving your expertise. By responding to relevant discussions and questions, LinkedIn marketing tips like this allows you to showcase your knowledge to potential leads – and prove why you’d be the perfect business owner to work with!

8. Share third-party content

Nobody likes arrogance – and exclusively sharing your own self-promotional content is tantamount to just that. Be sure to regularly share valuable content from other people in your industry – especially articles and posts from your LinkedIn connections!

7. Endorse your connections

LinkedIn allows you to list your top skills and expertise – perfect for showcasing your professional ability, and attracting new clients. To add extra legitimacy to your skills, it helps to have people endorse you – and the best way to do this is by endorsing other people. Endorse their top-rated skills, and they’re likely to return the favor.

6. Complete 100% of your profile

Once you’ve made a connection with a potential lead, your profile is the first page they’ll see. By completing every aspect of your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to showcase your experience, portfolio, skills, current projects and much more. This LinkedIn marketing tip may seem like common-sense – but many people overlook it, and sell themselves short as a result.

5. Connect with people you already know

Colleagues and friends are 70% more likely to engage with your content than other people; allowing you to boost the reach and engagement of your posts quickly and easily. The more popular a post, the more traffic and leads it will generate – so take advantage of these easy LinkedIn marketing tips now!

4. Add a LinkedIn button to your website

If your website regularly receives traffic, adding a Connect button to your site can have a huge impact on your LinkedIn connections. This is one of the quickest and easiest LinkedIn marketing tips around; and it could send your connections and influence sky-high in a matter of days.

3. Write recommendations for people you know

Like endorsements, recommendations allow you to vouch for a connection’s skills. If you’ve worked with a connection, or have experience of their skills, take the time to write an honest recommendation. You’re likely to attract a reciprocal recommendation, and improve your LinkedIn reputation and marketing.

2. Optimize your profile for SEO

Your LinkedIn page ranks in search engines like any other – and by boosting its SEO, you can greatly improve your marketing efforts. Add keyword-rich phrases, outbound links and heavily promote your profile throughout your own social media networks and websites.

1. Connect with lots of potential prospects and referral partners

LinkedIn is a huge source of leads and marketing channels – but only if you’re willing to connect with people. The more connections you make, the more people you will reach with your posts and comments. You want to send connection requests to people who you have met either in person or online. Be sure to write a personalized message when you ask to connect to remind them how you know each other.

QUESTION:  What is your biggest challenge when to comes to using LinkedIn to grow your business?

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Finding New Clients – 5 LinkedIn Misconceptions That Hurt You From Finding New Clients

Finding new clients

Thousands of businesses use LinkedIn to connect with new clients every single day – but for some reason, you can’t seem to imitate their success. Let’s say LinkedIn has never worked for your business, and you think that it never will.  Worst of all, you can’t figure out why.

I have the answer: the biggest barrier to LinkedIn success is your own attitude. 

Adjusting your LinkedIn Mindset

Finding new clients requires a positive attitude about LinkedIn — a belief that it can work for your business, and a willingness to find out how. To help you embrace the potential of LinkedIn, we’re going to look at some of the most common misconceptions – the limiting beliefs that are hindering your ability to find new clients. This is more than just opinion – we’re going to let statistics do the talking, and prove why you need to develop a positive LinkedIn mindset for finding new clients!

LinkedIn Misconception #1. ‘LinkedIn only works for businesses in the United States’

Most people don’t realize just how global the LinkedIn network is. LinkedIn has over 260 million users, in over 200 hundred countries – and less than a third of those users are based in the US. LinkedIn is huge in countries as diverse as China and the Netherlands, making it a viable source of clients for countries the world over. If you’re a local business, finding new clients through local groups and businesses is easy. And, if you’re international, you can target clients from virtually anywhere in the world.

LinkedIn Misconception #2. ‘Twitter and Facebook are better for generating leads’ 

LinkedIn alone accounts for over two thirds of all visits to corporate websites from social media channels. Facebook generates just 17% of these visits, and Twitter even less, at 14%. As a result, LinkedIn generates more leads for businesses than any other social network. If you aren’t active on LinkedIn, your business is missing out traffic, leads and clients.

LinkedIn Misconception #3. ‘LinkedIn has never generated any clients for me – why should it now?’

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing network, with a year-on-year increase in users of almost 40%. In other words, the odds of finding new clients increase by almost a half every single year. If you haven’t been able to generate new clients, you simply need to try a new approach – and abandoning LinkedIn altogether will cost your business more every year.

LinkedIn Misconception #4. ‘LinkedIn isn’t relevant to my industry’

Regardless of your business niche, you’ll be able to find special interest community groups on LinkedIn full of industry leaders and relevant discussions. All types of business people are active on LinkedIn – from post-graduates looking for experience and knowledge, through to CEOs of multinational companies to athletic coaches from high schools and universities and even facility directors who deal with building maintenance – so regardless of your target audience, finding new clients in your industry has never been easier.

LinkedIn Misconception #5. ’I don’t believe that you can generate leads by posting comments’

Commenting on LinkedIn discussions allows you to show your expertise, and develop relationships with potential clients. If you’re able to solve someone’s problem, they’re going to be grateful to you. They’ll view you and your business as helpful, authoritative and trust-worthy which increases their interest in working with you. Commenting is more than showing off – it’s helping people with your knowledge and thought leadership and nothing is more powerful for finding new clients.

In closing, the statistics don’t lie – LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding new clients, and if you and your business are struggling to capitalize on that, you might need to adjust your mindset.

QUESTIONS: Have any of these misconceptions stopped you from finding new clients? What other factors are still limiting your LinkedIn success? Let me know in the comments below!

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Phone Prospecting Tips for Setting up Appointments

In an age when everyone is suffering from email overload it pays off to simply pick up the phone.  Of course, you probably know by now my first recommendation is to use LinkedIn to help you make connections before your even begin your phone prospecting. People are much more inclined to listen to your entire phone prospecting approach if you first build that connection online.

The key to successful phone  prospecting is planning. Using guidelines and a script on the call doesn’t have to make it sound mechanical if you’re listening to a customer and connecting with his communication style. These tips will increase your phone prospecting close rate and build your confidence in using the phone for marketing and setting up appointments.

1. Have a written out phone prospecting approach.

You might think that winging it is will make your phone prospecting approach sound more natural. On the contrary, “winging it” only leaves you with inconsistent results. It also ends up making your phone prospecting sound more confusing to the person answering your call because you inherently end up spitting out fragmented phrases you’ve used randomly in the past.

Since a confused mind says “no” be sure to take the time to write a well thought out phone prospecting approach that quickly builds rapport, asks relevant open ended questions and gives the customer enough information to accept your invitation to set up an appointment.

Make your phone prospecting calls from some place comfortable. Relax, think about successfully closing during your phone prospecting calls and have a smile on your face. Your body language comes through over the phone in subtle ways so have a positive attitude before you dial, suggest ATC Conferencing. If it’s helpful, imagine that each customer is actually sitting in front of you watching your body language.

2. Be an active listener.

When your prospects are answering those open-ended questions you’ve prepared don’t be thinking about what you will say next. When the prospect is speaking do nothing but listen to get a sense of:

•  how the person communicates
•  what the person currently needs in his or her life
•  how your product can fulfill one or more of those needs

Notice things like – does the customer seem rushed? Out of breath? How did he or she answer the phone? What background sounds can you pick up? This will give you some sense of the person you’re speaking with. Based on that, you can begin to match his or her communication style.

3. Mirror the Customer.

Match the speed and volume at which the person is speaking. Listen for the person’s choice of words, phrases and slang. Try to use them throughout the conversation. When you use the same language during your phone prospecting calls it resonates more with the customer. It makes communication easier. Use the customer’s name two or three times in the conversation as well.

4. Qualify the lead.

If this is a cold prospecting phone call, then you’ll have to qualify the person as a potential customer while you are going through your phone prospecting approach. For example, if you’re an insurance company you can use a resource such as QuoteWizard homeowners insurance leads, you’ll have a list of pre-qualified customers. You’ll still need to listen to the customer to determine where your product will fit into his needs. He may be in the market to purchase a new home, which would be a good time to switch his home insurance to your company.

5. Get the prospect involved.

One of the best ways to set up appointments during your phone prospecting is to get the customer active in the buying process, according to The Sales Hunter. Ask the customer when he thinks the best time would be to make a purchase decision. Perhaps he’s neglected to add a rider to his homeowner’s policy to cover expensive jewelry or electronics in his home and is about to leave on a month-long trip.

Ask the prospect if he or she was in the market to work with someone like yourself, what would the key decision criteria be to help them determine if you were the right fit.

6. Be sure to invite them to connect with you.

If the prospect ends up saying “no” to your invitation to set up an appointment, don’t get discouraged and toss out their phone number. “No” often means “not right now” or “I don’t understand the product well enough.” You want to leave each call with and invitation to stay connected. The best place to connect is on LinkedIn, so you’ll need to ask them for their email address to send them a connection request on LinkedIn. (which should be included in your written out prospecting phone approach).

7. Give before you get.

The number one rule of networking is also my number one phone prospecting tip — GIVE BEFORE YOU GET! What motivates a prospect to want to connect with you beyond the initial phone call is the opportunity for them to gain the type of introductions they are most interested in building.  Ask your prospect the simple question:

“In my line of work I end up meeting lots of different types of great people.                                                                                                                              What kind of strategic introductions would be most valuable for you as a _____?”

You will never know what your prospect’s biggest priorities are if you don’t ask. Finding out what is most valuable to them allows you to speak in terms of their currency — their money language. Typical answers I’ve heard range from:

•  looking for new hires in key positions
•  introductions to people who would be their target buyer
•  introductions to referral partners for them

Don’t expect you will have an immediate contact you can introduce them to. That’s why it’s smart to get their email address to send them a connection request via LinkedIn. That way, you can tell them you’re going to jot that down and keep your eyes out among your network.

Practice these 7 phone prospecting tips when you want to focus on proactively setting up appointments.

QUESTION:  What is your biggest challenge when it comes to calling those decision makers in your target market? Please share in the comment box below.

How to Attract MORE Clients Using LinkedIn

Did you miss this?

If you are a business owner, sales professional or rainmaker in your firm, I hope by now you have a LinkedIn account and a basic profile set up. However, if that’s about all you have, then chances are that you’re not really attracting a steady flow of new clients on LinkedIn.

In fact, if you’re not generating
at least 6 figures in new business from LinkedIn, you need to learn the inside strategies on how to play the LinkedIn game. See, once you learn these strategies, tips and techniques, the game of LinkedIn becomes a lot of FUN! (more…)

4 Tips to Attract Clients on LinkedIn

Attracting clients on LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to build 6 figures in new business, but most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn other than simply accepting those LinkedIn invitations you receive. If that’s you, you’re missing out on easy business which means you’re leaving money on the table. I meet lots of entrepreneurs who had a LinkedIn account for 10 years, but never learned how to monetize LinkedIn. LinkedIn can generate 6 figures in new business (and 7 figures for some businesses) That means in 10 years those people left 1 Million dollars on the table from missing out on easy business.

LinkedIn does not have to be a time suck if you know how to leverage Linked to grow your business. In fact, you can attract a steady flow of new clients if you’re consistent at doing the right things in less than 30 minutes a day. And, why wouldn’t you want to use LinkedIn? After all, it’s free!

I want to help you get started with 4 easy LinkedIn marketing tips.

1. Get clear about why you are using LinkedIn for business.

Unless you know why you’re doing something, you’re liable to flounder around without much progress. Spend 15 minutes journaling the answers to the following questions. What business result are you trying to create? Use Linkedin to accomplish one result at a time.

Here are a few results you might be going for:

  • Sell more of your product or service
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Grow your list
  • Attract joint venture partnerships
  • Find speaking opportunities.

Who are you trying to reach? Think about what position they have, what their level of knowledge is about your service, where they spend their time and attention.

What are their needs? Think about why they need you and what their specific struggles are. Think in terms of regular language rather than industry jargon. Unless you’re targeting others in your specific industry, avoid jargon. Brainstorm keywords and key phrases that they would use to look for your service.

2. Complete your entire profile.

This sounds obvious, I know. But I see so many profiles that someone started but never finished. As you complete your profile, use the keywords you found in step 1. Make sure it sounds natural and not like you’re peppering it with awkward phrases and words that don’t go together. Read it out loud to catch any stilted or clinical sounding language.

3. Answer questions

Spend a few minutes each week answering questions that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Give a ton of value, answering the questions as thoroughly as you can. Then follow up with a private message offering more support.

4. Use the post feature.

You can now showcase your expertise even easier by sharing your thought leadership through your own LinkedIn posts. Your posts read a lot like a blog article and gives you the ability to have all your LinkedIn connections be notified every time you publish a new post. People can share, like and comment on your posts. Best of all, all of your published posts have built in tracking so you know how many views, likes and comments each received.

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Here’s what I’ll be covering:

1.)  Why LinkedIn works and why it’s so effective at reaching the business community.

2.)  What to do when you’re on LinkedIn to build your list of raving, loyal fans.

3.)  The 3 little known LinkedIn marketing secrets to attract new clients with ease.

4.)  How to use LinkedIn to quickly build your expertise and be seen as the go-to expert.

5.)  Time saving strategies to profit from LinkedIn in as little as 30 minutes a day

QUESTION: What do you think is keeping you from attracting more clients on LinkedIn?  Share your comments and questions. 

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