12 Effective Ways to Reach Ultra High Net Worth Prospects (UHNW)

by | Jun 14, 2023 | General


Ultra High Net Worth are typically individuals or families with a net worth of over $30 Million. Reaching out to ultra-high net worth (UHNW) prospects effectively requires tact, finesse, and a deep understanding of their unique needs and desires. 

If you have a business you want to attract and acquire clients in the UHNW market the following strategies can help:

Network: Attend events, galas, conferences, and other gatherings that UHNW individuals frequently. Networking and building relationships are critical.

Referrals: Gain the trust of one UHNW individual or family and leverage that relationship to get referrals to other such families. Referrals from trusted sources are incredibly effective.

Personalized offerings: Offer products, services, or investments that meet the unique needs of UHNW individuals. This could involve custom investment portfolios, exclusive real estate opportunities, or bespoke luxury goods. 

Partner with other professionals: Many UHNW families work with wealth managers, financial advisors, lawyers, and other professionals. Developing relationships with these professionals can give you an inroad to UHNW families. 

Thought leadership: Establish yourself or your business as a thought leader in areas of interest to UHNW families. This could involve publishing research, hosting seminars, or writing articles or books. 

Charity and philanthropy: Many UHNW families are actively involved in philanthropy. Involvement in the exact causes can provide an opportunity for interaction and relationship building. 

Premium events: Host or sponsor premium events that UHNW families would be interested in, such as art exhibits, yacht shows, or charity auctions. 

Exclusivity: Offer products or services that are not available to the general public. Exclusivity is appealing to many UHNW individuals. 

Sponsorships: Sponsoring relevant high-profile events, teams, or individuals can increase your visibility among UHNW families. 

Tailored Marketing: Ensure your marketing efforts are aimed explicitly at UHNW families. This includes targeted advertising, bespoke content, and personalized messaging. 

High-quality Service: Once you have made contact with a UHNW individual or family, providing exceptional service is crucial for maintaining the relationship and gaining referrals. 

Privacy and Discretion: UHNW families often value their privacy highly. Demonstrating that you can provide services discreetly and confidentially can be a crucial selling point.


Remember, each UHNW family is unique, and what works with one might not work with another. Patience, persistence, and adaptability are crucial in this realm.

If you’re looking for additional help in this area here are some ways we can come alongside you to help your business reach more UHNW families:

STEP 1. Book a complimentary discovery strategy call with me (Yoon Cannon) where we can discuss your goals, gaps and you gain invaluable feedback on what your customized marketing strategy should include based on our Auditing Your Digital Presence (social channels, website, SEO search results, video channels, etc)

STEP 2: Customized Marketing Strategy Sessions. The above 12 tips in this article are tactics, but filling in the details in how you can leverage those tactics is the “secret sauce” we bring to positioning and packaging your unique personal brand, so you get noticed and remembered. 

During your customized 1:1 marketing strategy sessions we strengthen common weak spots like:

  • Clarifying Your Brand Message 
  • Crafting Your Unique WOW Factor / UVP & Your Brand Story 
  • Creating Your UHNW Influencer Marketing Plan
  • Developing Irresistible Lead Acquisition Funnels
  • Finding UHNW Networking Opportunities
  • Refining and Scaling Your Referral Strategy 
  • and more …

STEP #3. Thought Leadership Makeover Package. This is a done-FOR-you and a done-WITH-you service where our team of marketing experts will create attention-grabbing, unique content that shares your insights through multiple formats including, but not limited to: 

  • Getting You Booked to Speak at Events and Podcast Shoes
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  • Getting You Published (PR)
  • Ghostwriting Keyword Researched Pillar Blog Content
  • Managing Your Social Media Channels
  • Marketing Your Seminar / Webinars
  • Producing Long Form and Short Form Videos of You
  • Producing Your Podcast Interview Episodes
  • Re-Branding Your Website & Socials (if needed)

In closing, if you have any questions on how we can help you reach more UHNW clients to grow your business book a complimentary discovery call with me.


When you click the link above you’ll first be taken to fill out a brief intake form, so we can maximize our call together. Then you’ll be able to choose a time slot. 

I look forward to “meeting you” virtually. 

QUESTION: Do you have a tip on how you reached Ultra High Net Worth clients that weren’t covered in this article? Please share your comments and/or questions below.