3 Key Disciplines to Growing Your Business

by | Feb 8, 2023 | General

3 Key Disciplines to grow your business
What are you focusing on this week to grow your business?

As entrepreneurs, there is no boss telling you to show up to work and no boss to guide you on where you need to improve your game. 

As the Business Owner / Founder / President / CEO / Chief Everything Officer …

👉🏻it’s UP TO YOU to decide what strategy you will execute next to help you achieve your goals. 

👉🏻it’s UP TO YOU to be intentional about WHO you surround yourself with who can inspire you, challenge you, motivate and encourage you, and sometimes give you a swift kick in the rear. 

👉🏻 It’s ultimately UP TO YOU to be intentional about your business to growth:

In my 30 years+ of being an entrepreneur and 17 years of helping other entrepreneurs here are 3 disciplines I have found successful Business Owners have in common that you can apply to your business.

Grow your business_Better Things Come for Those Who Work for It.



If you don’t know what KPI means 🥴(that’s an indicator you’re not measuring or tracking) 

Sales is a numbers game. Whether it’s marketing your business, sales conversations, or interviewing for the right hire, you can’t give up after a few efforts didn’t work. 

Remember failure is an opportunity to try again smarter. Growth happens from

1️⃣ taking FAST action

2️⃣ assessing & getting expert feedback 

3️⃣ course correcting and 

4️⃣ measuring/tracking…. Rinse and repeat


Athletes will practice taking 50+ shots – over and over and over again. Even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur for 20+ years, there are always new tactics, new strategies to learn, and old tactics to continue honing.


Your business will only be able to grow as much as you grow. How often are you taking inventory of your personal leadership strengths?

Who are your trusted advisors, coaches, and peer entrepreneurs who observe and offer you feedback, support, and CHALLENGE YOU to GROW?

Try this exercise right now …

💡 What’s the first idea that pops into your mind when you read these three questions?

💡 Share your idea in the COMMENTS below to help you make that commitment to yourself … and to your business. 

1- What is one specific action you will execute consistently in the next 30 days?

2- What is one new skill you want to learn and how to improve to help you grow your business?

3- What is one personality trait you want to become stronger at this year to make you better at your business?


Yoon Cannon