5 Simple Strategies to Get More Clicks to Your Website

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If you want more customers to grow your small business get more clicks to your website. The easiest page to drive more clicks to your website is to focus on getting more clicks to your blog. If you don’t yet have a blog, just ask your webmaster to add one to your navigation bar. Your website is an essential tool to attract, engage and convert more customers. It even works 24/7 for you, 365 days a year. The main pages in your website typically serve as a brochure that talks mostly about you and your services. Your blog however, is all about your visitor and helping them solve their challenges. Your blog is where you can showcase your expertise by sharing your knowledge, answering common questions and educating your consumers. Let’s assume you have populated your blog with lots of great, high quality content. Great content helps you to stand out among your competition. Publishing new blog articles to your website is key to helping you engage and convert new customers. But, if you are getting very little traffic there just won’t be enough visitors to convert. Here’s 5 simple strategies to helping your get more clicks to your website and blog:

1. Start with the right keyword phrase.

Choosing the right keywords is a big factor in helping you get more clicks. What most people don’t know, is when it is referred to as an SEO keyword, it can actually be a keyword phrase. As a matter of fact, you’re better off using a phrase instead of just one word. By using just one word as your keyword (also known as a vanity keyword), your search is going to be too broad and your site will get lost in the mix. By making it more specific, you will have a greater chance of showing up towards the top of the search. Not sure what keywords you should use? Start capturing the exact language your prospects and clients use when they ask you questions. Jot down your top 10 most commonly asked questions and you can pull 2 word and 3 word keyword phrases to start blogging about.

2. Brainstorm compelling headlines

A headline’s main job is to get people to click the article. If your title is boring or reads exactly the same as everyone else’s headline, it’s more than likely that person will pass your site over for the more interesting sounding one. Writing headlines is a lot easier when you know your audience. You want to know what types of words and phrases would grab their attention. Two quick tips to keep in mind when it comes to coming up with compelling headlines to help you get more clicks to your blog and website: First, people love list articles. It has been researched that headlines that use odd numbers outperform and gets more clicks than even numbered ones. Use the digit instead of writing it out. (i.e.: 7 instead of seven) If you want to get more bang out of your headline, make sure you use your keyword phrase at the beginning and also use power words, such as smart, critical, powerful, and surprising. Second tip: people are motivated by fear of loss or desire to gain. You can get more clicks to your site when your headline identifies a very specific benefit or loss.

3. Decide on a great title tag

Your title tag is how your blog post will appear in a search result. Often times, your title tag is the same as the headline for your blog article. Occasionally, you may decide to alter the title tag slightly from your blog title. Keep your title tag under 55 characters as anything longer will get cut off. To get more clicks, your title tag should include your keyword phrase. Here’s an example of one of mine where my keyword phrase was “LinkedIn Marketing Tips”. I decided on a headline that speaks to the fear of loss:

get more clicks 4. Get more clicks with a meta tag description that sells your content.

There is another important tag that should be utilized in your site’s optimization. Meta tags are important in search results. They add a description to the site/page under the link on the search page. When writing the your description, make sure not to mislead your readers. If it is not what was described, they will use that back button to get out of there and go to another site. Mainly, you want to use the meta tag description to your advantage as a short sales pitch. And even though you might be tempted to utilize your keyword or keyword phrase in your meta tag, don’t stuff keywords in there (use multiple times). Search engines are smart and will see exactly what you are doing. Also, make sure you keep your sentences here under 155 characters because if it goes over that character count, the description will be cut off. I like to use a free tool called “Letter Count”. It makes it fast and easy to confirm whether it’s too short or too long. get more clicks

5. Choose an attention-grabbing image.

It’s important to have an image that goes along with your blog post. When you share the blog post link in your social media having an image that was published with the blog will have it appear in your network’s feed. The image helps your blog post take up more real estate than just a link. Here’s an example of how it looks on social media: get more clicks

Remember, people are visual, so you want to choose an image that relates to what you talk about in your blog post. Also, try to choose an image that evokes some type of emotion. Just as we spoke about earlier, people are motivated by fear of loss or desire to gain. Look for images that project the negative emotions your target audience would like to escape as well as images that convey the positive emotions they are pursuing.

An image that immediately resonates with your ideal target market grabs attention and get more clicks. Start implementing these 5 simple strategies. By employing these ideas, you can start seeing more traffic coming into your blog and website. Remember, sales is first a numbers game. If you want more customers, you need to generate more leads. If you wants more leads, get more traffic to your website. If you want more traffic to your site, get more clicks to your blog.

QUESTION: What is your biggest challenge or question when it comes to getting more customers from your website?


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