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In the old days I used to drop $30,000 a year to be listed in 5 different Yellow Pages and Super Pages phone books. Like so many other business owners, I did that because it used to be that most people would pick up the phone directory when they were looking to hire and fill a need.

The sad part is that in 10 years I spent $300,000.00! — which turned out to be a tremendous cost (not a worthwhile marketing investment at all). You commit to one ad which you cannot change for a full year — not a smart offer by the phone books.

The GOOD NEWS is that today’s buyer behavior has changed. Most people are no longer even picking up the phone book to hire someone. They’re jumping online.

The EVEN BETTER NEWS is that you can be visible where your prospects are looking, and you don’t have to spend $30,000 a year to do that. LinkedIn is FREE!

But, you need to know how to work LinkedIn to reach all those prospects who are already looking to do business with people like you! I’m about to show you how. I’m going to walk you through the success process so you can skip the time consuming and costly mistakes of trial and error-ing it alone.

Decide to kick off the New Year with a new, improved business development plan.

In just 2 weeks you can get started with learning how to leverage LinkedIn to attract new clients easily. In fact, you could be working with me personally to help you craft your 6 Figure business model (and for some of you a 7 Figure plan!). As I shared in several of my previous posts, LinkedIn alone has been generating 6 figures in new business for me. I would love to help you tap into that success for your own business too.

That’s why I’ve created a 3-month online training course where I personally hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through your very own LinkedIn success plan, so you can attract a steady flow of new clients now. And, for those of you who want to really up-level your marketing results, consider enrolling for the remaining 9 months for the other additional critical marketing training.

If you’re thinking about finally getting the LinkedIn marketing training you need, plan on join me this week where you can ask me all of your burning LinkedIn questions during my

Complimentary LinkedIn Q & A Call held on:

Thursday, Jan. 31st
1:00-2:00 pm EST
DIAL: (209)-647-1000
Participant Code: 531-842#
How to Generate 6 Figures+ Using LinkedIn
with Yoon Cannon

Yoon’s online group training overview:

2nd and 4th Wednesday each month 9:00am – 10:00am EST

* (video recordings, mp3 recordings and handouts available of all online classes)

(Feb.13th & 27th): Building Your Expertise and Increasing Your

Find-ability Online — Passive Strategies for LinkedIn and the Internet

In Month 1 of your marketing training you will:

Identify your 6-Figure (and 7-figure) business model,

so you channel your marketing to your highest profit margin offerings.Discover 5 little known keyword secrets, shortcuts and free (plus nearly free) tools you can use to

dramatically increase your online find-ablity

which your competitors are spending upwards of $30,000 a year to achieve!

Learn critical copywriting secrets, so you can

– attract your ideal target market and move your prospects to action.Develop simple ways to quickly build your expertise,

– to have your credibility sell your services, so you don’t have to.Learn how to

– leverage and re-purpose the online lead generation TRINITY

blogs, newsletters and videos to

– build a marketing machine that works 24/7, so you don’t have to.Receive critical expert feedback on your marketing assignments,

– to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.Q & A in a small, intimate atmosphere.


(March 13th & 27th): Finding & Engaging Your Target Market

– Active Strategies for LinkedIn and the Internet

In Month 2 of your marketing training you will:

Learn Yoon’s proven process for finding your target market in both Linkedin groups

and key offline groups, so your marketing resonates with only your best, ideal clients who value and appreciate your services the most.Discover the 4 rules of engagement on LinkedIn,

so your target market reaches out to you (inbound) instead of you having to reach out to them (outbound).Find out

Yoon’s magic formula that reduces or eliminates your most common sales objections

before prospects even meet you, so they’re already pre-sold on you!Learn how to become top influencer of the week on LinkedIn, in as little as 15 minutes a day.Receive critical expert feedback

      on your marketing assignments,

to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.Q & A in a small, intimate atmosphere.


(April 10th & 24th): Fishing & Hunting Skills for Finding Your Own

Referrals — Proactive Strategies for LinkedIn and the Internet

In Month 3 of your marketing training you will:

Learn Yoon’s advanced prospecting strategies on LinkedIn so you can receive regular referrals of prospects who are in the market to hire your type of services.Find out Yoon’s advanced list building strategies through event marketing on Linkedin,so you can continue to build a long term relationship with your prospects.Discover which Linkedin activities drives more traffic to your website,

so you

can get more results with less effort.Know how to measure ROI on Linkedin, so you can quickly know what small changes will deliver improved results.Receive critical expert feedback on your marketing assignments


to keep you on track and moving in the right direction.Q & A in a small, intimate atmosphere.


But wait …. There’s more! After the 3 month Linkedin Intensive you have the option to continue with more great marketing training with me.

Month 4: Successful Marketing for the Long Haul

– Secrets to Getting it All Done for the Busy Entrepreneur

Month 5: How to Find & Manage Super Affordable

– Marketing Assistants to Accelerate Your Marketing Speed!

Month 6: Websites that Work

– Getting More Clients from Your Website

Month 7: Easier Ways to Attract Clients in Crowds

– Smart, Simple SEO Strategies

Month 8: How to Attract Steady Flow of New Clients

– Powerful Education Marketing

Month 9: Facebook, Twitter & Video-Marketing Made Easy!

– Keys to Building Your Most Valuable Asset

Month 10: 5-Step Punch to Succeeding with Direct Mail

– How to Stop Leaving Thousands of Dollars on the Table

Month 11: Fuel Your Online Find-ability and Credibility

– Powerful PR Strategies

Month 12: Closing More Sales – Converting More Clients

– Easy, Non-Salesy Conversations for High Closing

The Linkedin training starts in just 2 weeks, so REGISTER today.

Call (215) 292-4947 or

Email to enroll.

Here’s to your success!



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