How to Attract MORE Clients Using LinkedIn

by | Feb 2, 2014 | Marketing and Sales Blog Posts

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If you are a business owner, sales professional or rainmaker in your firm, I hope by now you have a LinkedIn account and a basic profile set up. However, if that’s about all you have, then chances are that you’re not really attracting a steady flow of new clients on LinkedIn.

In fact, if you’re not generating
at least 6 figures in new business from LinkedIn, you need to learn the inside strategies on how to play the LinkedIn game. See, once you learn these strategies, tips and techniques, the game of LinkedIn becomes a lot of FUN!

Imagine that. Imagine 15-30 minutes a day having FUN marketing your business on Linkedin. Let me tell you what makes it more fun:

– It’s so much more fun when you’re helping more people.

– It’s so much more fun when you’re paid twice as much this year as you were last year for simply delivering your expertise!

– It’s a whole lot more fun when your prospects are chasing you to have the opportunity to work with you, rather than you chasing your prospects.

– Marketing becomes more fun when you see immediate wins from what you’re learning to do differently on LinkedIn.

I love Robert Cooper’s book: Get Out of Your Own Way! I hear so many business owners admit their awareness that they get in their own way.

What is it that is getting in your way?

What I find gets in the way of many struggling small business owners is simply:
– not learning and
– not investing in themselves to learn
So, is that all that’s standing in your way between the results you’re getting today on Linkedin and the 6 figure results you could be getting from LinkedIn? If you want to STOP getting in your own way, I invite you to take the 1st step in learning a different way to leverage LinkedIn,so you can attract MORE clients this year, and perhaps even 6 figures in new business this year.

If you missed my past “How to Generate 6 Figures on LinkedIn” webinars … lucky for you I put together a special 4-part video training (free) to help you get started in succeeding with LinkedIn.  

Would you like to discover how to use LinkedIn to generate 6 figures in new business?

Once you watch the video clips I would love to read your feedback, so please do share your comments right below each video.

You can get instant access at

Oh, and by the way, if you already know you are ready for structured help to finally learn how to attract more clients — and how to generate 6 figures in new business from LinkedIn, my next 8 week training course starts in just a few weeks.

I encourage you to get out of your own way. Don’t let lack of learning stand in the way of the tremendous level of success that is possible for you!

Here’s to your success!



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