Carrying Out Company Vision and Goals

by | May 23, 2009 | Business Growth Tips Blog, Marketing and Sales Blog Posts

Question: “How do you get them to “buy into” your company vision/goals and carry them out effectively — not just having them understand what the goals/vision are, but really believe in the value of the goals/vision and carry them out in motivated fashion?

1. Have a higher purpose vision: most of my construction – home improvement clients either do not have a specific vision for their companies, or their vision is merely in terms of sales figure goals. Vision and GoalsWhile you the owner may be motivated by the growth of your company’s sales figures that doesn’t mean much to your workers. Part of having your people “buy into” your vision is that vision has a greater purpose for existing. What you are all about as a person greatly influences what you company is all about . What crusade — what mission can you accomplish using your construction company as the vehicle to carry that out?

2. Communicate your vision constantly: It’s not enough to just verbalize your vision to your people once or twice. Let them see it in print written in your employee handbook, written on the walls, written on their performance evaluation forms, attached to their paycheck envelopes, communicated at your weekly crew meetings. It’s hard for people to buy into something they only hear about briefly once or twice.

3. Help them achieve their goals and vision: Workers often perceive their bosses (the owners) as only being concerned about how the workers can benefit them. But, people by nature are self serving. The starting place to motivating workers to carry out your vision for the company is for you to find out how you can help them carry out their career goals through your company. This gets done 1 on 1. Some of your workers greatest need may be for stability, while others may desire the perks of leadership roles of crew leader, foreman, general manager or operations manager. Find out the what and the why behind their goals and together map out the “how” you can help them get there.

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