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As you know, one of my goals with this blog is to help you find new, better and more efficient ways to increase traffic, build your email list and improve conversions and sales of your products and services.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for great new tools and resources that can help accelerate your results.

Well, today I’m excited to share my most recent find:

It’s called: “The Traffic Secrets Super Stack,” and it comes courtesy of my friend Cary Richards over at

“The Traffic Secrets Super Stack” is a hand-curated collection of over 25 premium eCourses, video training, memberships, and workbooks.

Useful information included in workbooks:

  • How to get started building your email list.
  • Mastering Facebook advertising.
  • Successful YouTube marketing.
  • In depth instruction in influencer marketing.
  • B2B lead generation.
  • Killer Social Media strategies.
  • A Masterclass on how to make cold emails convert.
  • Writing social media copy.
  • And even some new, never before seen information on the basics of where and how to get traffic to your business…

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Last thing before I wrap up this email:

As you know, I very rarely make offers to my newsletter.

I only share things that I feel are a tremendous value that you can’t miss.

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Yoon ~

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How to Generate More Leads from 7 Marketing Tactics You’re Already Doing

Did you know there are simple, quick fixes that will make a dramatic difference to attracting more clients to your business?

Your business is leaking thousands of leads and you likely don’t even know it. If you think you’re too busy to add more marketing onto your plate, then you can’t afford to skip these overlooked ways to generate more leads from marketing that you’re already doing.

Here are small changes that will make a huge difference to attracting more clients to your small business:

1. Blogging. Having blog articles on your website is a great way for prospective clients to experience some of your expertise. You already know that blogging not only helps to position yourself as the expert, but it also helps your organic Google rankings when your blogs are optimized for targeted keyword phrases.

> Lead Generation Booster: Getting a new email subscriber is generating a new lead. Start offering a content upgrade that your blog readers can opt in for. Place an offer that is relevant to your specific blog article at the bottom of your blog to boost your lead generation. Here is an example of a content upgrade.
2. Business cards. If you haven’t updated your business card in a while, now is a good time to reassess. Go further than simply having your contact info and a web address. Ask 10 people who are not familiar with your business if they know from reading your card who you help and what problem you solve for them. If not, come up with a short sentence you can add to your business card.
> Lead Generation Booster: Unless you have a short web URL consider including a QR code on your business card that sends people to your free lead magnet. Read more about lead magnets here.
3. Donate your product or service to local fundraiser events. Lots of charities, non-profits and community groups will include raffle baskets at many of their fundraisers. These are easy ways for you to simply donate one of your products or services. Whether you want to support a local scholarship fund, soccer club, girl scout troop or a high school sports team here’s how to generate more leads from donations.

> Lead Generation Booster: Include an incentive in the basket to redeem an extra surprise gift. Have the winner email you a picture of themselves holding your basket to redeem that bonus gift. When they do be sure to reply to their email to have them give you written permission to allow you to use their name and photo to use in press releases in your marketing materials.Then, go post a press release. Services like can often send thousands of visits to your website. What a great way to greatly multiply your visibility all from one donation.

4. Give away branded promotional products. Branded items go much further than business cards since these are products that people use on a regular basis. Whether you choose to give away pens, mugs, tote bags, sunglass clips for car visors or other tchotchkes you want to make sure you’re getting these items in the hands of your target market and referral partners.

> Lead Generation Booster: Tell people what your free lead magnet is and where to get it printed on your promotional products (use a short url).
5. Networking face to face is still a great way to build your business. You want to choose a networking group full of people who either make great potential clients, strong strategic referral partners or both. Remember that networking works best when you are consistent getting in front of the same group of people. It takes time to build trust.
> Lead Generation Booster: Use your networking conversations to get
feedback on your lead magnets or on your lead magnet ideas. Promoting an
irresistible free offer is a surefire way to speed lead generation from networking.
6. Print Advertising. If you want to attract more local customers it’s important for your business to never stop advertising. Whether you are buying ad space in your local newspaper, magazine or direct mail you are building awareness about your business.
> Lead Generation Booster: Test and measure responses to different ads over time. Changing your headline, image, layout and/or your offer can make a significant difference. More print advertising tips here.
7. Your Website is the hub of your marketing. This is where your advertising and marketing is sending traffic to. Your website should have a clear, crisp tagline that helps visitors immediately understand who you help and what challenges you help them solve. Your web copy and web design are equally important factors to attract, engage and convert more clients to your business.
> Lead Generation Booster: If you don’t have a lead magnet that your web
visitors have to opt in for, you are missing out on capturing thousands of leads.
Add (or change) your free offer and have it prominently featured above the fold of
your website.
Ok, so there you have it. You now have an action checklist of what you can do to dramatically boost leads from the top 7 marketing tactics you are already doing.By now, you’ve probably noticed a pattern in many of these lead boosting tips.
Having the right lead magnets will dramatically boost results from every marketing tactic you do.
If you already have a free irresistible offer that you are using as a lead magnet, but you’re not generating a healthy flow of leads, then you need to change your offers.

This is the part where I find people struggle with the most. It’s coming up with free offers that are irresistible to your target market.

If you want to solve this problem once and for all you have to make these decisions based on a number of factors that you identify in your strategic plan.

Oh, wait a minute ….

You don’t have a strategic plan? … Yeah, I hear that a lot.

So, the good news is I’ve created a free 1 Page Strategic Plan template that you can download along with a short 20-minute video lesson on how to create your plan.


QUESTION: Where are you getting stuck in creating an irresistible free offer for your business? Share you comments and questions below.