Deal with Email Overload and 7 Steps to Successful Cold Calling

First off, it’s not your fault!

Have you ever heard impatient bosses sternly demand that their people get out there and “MAKE IT HAPPEN! … OR ELSE…? Or, perhaps maybe you’re that boss.

After all, as Peter Drucker so famously said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.

So then you ramp up your urgency to get out there and make it rain. You blast out one email after another. For endless hours you smile-while-you-dial phoning potential prospects, but all you get are no answers, no replies and “no” responses to setting up appointments with you. (more…)

Ask Me All Your Burning LinkedIn Questions!

In the old days I used to drop $30,000 a year to be listed in 5 different Yellow Pages and Super Pages phone books. Like so many other business owners, I did that because it used to be that most people would pick up the phone directory when they were looking to hire and fill a need.

The sad part is that in 10 years I spent $300,000.00! — which turned out to be a tremendous cost (not a worthwhile marketing investment at all). You commit to one ad which you cannot change for a full year — not a smart offer by the phone books.

The GOOD NEWS is that today’s buyer behavior has changed. Most people are no longer even picking up the phone book to hire someone. They’re jumping online. (more…)

Make Your Marketing Strategies Easier With S.Y.S.T.E.M.S.

The best marketing ideas or business development strategies won’t help you grow your business if they don’t get executed consistently. The most common marketing problem I find happening with small business owners is that the business development plan was just not consistently implemented.

The biggest reason why entrepreneurs struggle with execution is largely because their marketing strategies were not systematized. (more…)

5 Tips for Effective Education Marketing

Does marketing ever feel to you like you’re bothering people?  Does marketing make you feel uncomfortable because you feel like you’re “selling”?

People’s lives today have become so incredibly inundated with an avalanche of information, commercials and advertisements, so it is no wonder that as business owners and service professionals you can often feel like yet another unwanted interruption or worse, spam in your attempts at prospecting and marketing.

There’s a lot of different ways I help my clients improve the results of their marketing. Today, I want to help you with one specific component of your marketing and that is to shift your marketing tactics from one that is perceived as something you are doing “to” them (that is unwanted) to something you are doing “for” them (that they appreciate and thank you for!) (more…)

5 Keys to Doubling Your Networking Results

Are you frustrated with the results you’ve been seeing from traditional live networking events? Well, did you know if you run a strong online campaign that will help you convert more prospects who you meet offline?  That way, the people you do meet face to face at live networking events have many ways to stay connected with you and to learn more about your area of expertise.

Here are 5 key ways to help you double your networking results:

1.) Make sure you’re networking with your target market or referral partners

If you want to double your networking results, the first thing to check is to make sure you’re not fishing in the wrong pond! There are hundreds of different networking events and opportunities you could spend your time attending. But, that does not mean that they are necessarily the right crowds for you. Seek first networking groups and events that attract a higher percentage of attendees who do fall in your ideal target market profile. It’s much harder to get the visibility you want in a group that is diluted with too many people who are NOT your target market. (more…)

Social Networking – LinkedIn Strategies to Generate $100K+

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network with an astounding 165 million users inside a targeted audience of business professionals. And yet, only a tiny fraction of LinkedIn users are leveraging this free online social network to successfully generate leads and new business.

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