Cool iPhone Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

by | May 1, 2013 | Business Growth Tips Blog

Here are two of my must have app recommendations for busy entrepreneurs

1. The SIM Reminder.

I downloaded a free app for my iPhone called the SIM Reminder. As a busy Entrepreneur and mother there’s so much to keep track of and remember. In addition to staying on top of my clients’ needs at I have to remember all those to-do items that come flooding in every day from each of my 3 children’s teachers, soccer coaches, tutors, school nurses, birthday party invitation rsvp’s and of course, wish lists submitted by my kids.

I have tried other reminder apps as well as the alert bell on my calendar, but they only beep one at the allotted time.

With the SIM reminder what I like it that it automatically keeps ringing every few minutes until I either check off that it’s done or I can delay it 10 min, or in hour chunks or choose a new day and time at a quick touch of a button.

When there are to-do items that are truly time sensitive for me to have to remember to get done I put it into my SIM because I n eed the constant reminder it gives me that I don’t get with other apps or calendar alerts.

2. SecureSafe

Manaing your business and life online sure does make things a lot easier. You no longer have to be buried under an avalanche of papers to sift through and organize. You have instant access to your accounts and status reports that we used to have to grab the manual way by using the telephone or waiting for postal mail to send our info to us.

The only downside for me to having upwards of 50+ online accounts is that I have a terrible memory for what I actually created at the time as my user name and password — let alone remember the correct url address for my accounts!

Well, this problems has gotten eliminated with one simple app I love and use almost every day. What I love about Secure Safe is that I only have to remember one password.. and that’s to get into this app. Once I’m in every online account is jus t one tap away and in alphabetical order.

I also don’t worry that I left this app open when walking away from my iPhone because it automatically logs me off after just a few minutes of inactivity.

So, here are two of my favorite apps that help make juggling life and running a business more manageable.

How about you? What’s your favorite app or cool tech tools that have made your business easier to manage?


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