Surprisingly Easy Way to Get More Referrals

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Get More Referrals

HOW to get more referrals?

Get more referrals if you want more clients, so you need to get more prospects in your pipeline. If you want a robust list of prospects you need to grow your list of subscribers. If you want an easier way to grow your list you want to put out the right lead magnet(s) to insure you get more referrals.

WHAT is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is your irresistible free offer that your prospects receive right away when they opt in with their email address.

WHO should be using a lead magnet?

Every small business owner, entrepreneur and self employed professionals who sell your own services.

WHY should you use a lead magnet?

  • To build trust. You can’t just expect to show up to a networking group or event, give your 30-second elevator pitch and expect that people will now suddenly do business with you or start sending you referrals.  It just doesn’t work that way. It takes time to build those relationships and build trust. You need to build trust that you truly are the best insurance agent, the best realtor, the best payroll service provider, the best chiropractor, the best coach … you get the idea.A well done lead magnet helps you to speed building that trust because it showcases your expertise by providing valuable content to your reader, and not just content that reads like an advertisement.
  • To make it easier to gain referrals. You need to remember that it is far easier for people to refer a great resource you provide then it is for them to refer a new client to you.
  • To automate your lead generation. Having a lead magnet that prospects can receive right away is the first step to begin to automate your lead generation system. This allows you to grow your list and fill your prospect pipeline 24/7 even while you sleep.
  • To scale your marketing results. It is more valuable to your business to use your free resource (your lead magnet) to gain 200 new subscribers than it is for you to gain 2 new clients. With even a small list of 200 people interested in the free lead magnet you offered, you can convert more of those subscribers to take the next step in becoming a client of yours.

    WHAT are some examples of a lead magnet?

    Click on the examples below to take a look at some lead magnets I offer:

  • Hiring Checklist for Small Business Employers
  • Marketing Checklist for Service Based Business Owners
  • How to Start a Business Checklist

    Hiring Checklist for Small Business EmployersMarketing Checklist for Service Based BusinessesHow-to-Start-a-Business-Checklist


    WHERE can you use lead magnets?

  • You should offer your lead magnets on a landing page.
  • You can also offer your lead magnets as what is called a “content upgrade” which is a piece of content that you offer as a bonus to your readers in exchange for their email address.
  • You should also offer your lead magnet on your business card which makes it surprisingly easy to gain more referrals.

    Need some help to develop a winning lead magnet for your business? Book a complimentary discovery coaching call with me here.

QUESTION: Do you have a lead magnet in your business? If so, what is it you offer? Share your comments and questions below.

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