Myth Behind Fast Growth Companies

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Fast Growth CompaniesOnly 3 more months until we find out who the 100 fastest growing companies are in the Philadelphia area. 

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The Myth Behind Fast Growth Companies

As co-chair of the Philadelphia 100 awards I get to help promote our area’s 100 fastest growing companies.  When you read about the success stories of fast growing companies it’s easy to get sucked into the thinkingt hat these lucky entrepreneurs had the “midas” touch and got to enjoy overnight success.

Well, more often than not, that just isn’t so. When you read past the headlines and dig deeper into many of the back stories of those successful entrepreneurs who turned their small business into the dream big business, what you’ll learn is a common thread of simple patience.

There is a special species of bamboo that grows in China and the Far East. After the bamboo is planted, no visible growth occurs for up to 5 years. Even under ideal conditions, the plant shows no signs of growth for years after it is planted. Then suddenly, as if by magic, the bamboo begins to grow at a rate of nearly 2 ½ feet per day until it reaches its full height of 90 feet! The bamboo farmer who persistently cares for the seemingly barren land will reap the rewards once the bamboo shoots take off. He knows that the rapid growth of the bamboo is not at all magical – the bamboo is able to grow so quickly because it spends the first five years of its life developing miles of roots to support its growth.


As a business owner, you must also develop a “root system” . When it comes to your marketing tactics are you patient in your persistence or do you swiftly abort tactics that do not result in immediate prospect inquiries? Frequently, it is just when a tactic was about to begin to take root that the business owner quits and moves on to trying something else. Often times, the difference between successful outcomes and failed outcomes is the one degree difference in your own mental state of mind between ‘trying’ and ‘committing’.

How about in your prospect conversion strategy? Do you have a follow up system that keeps in touch with your prospects for up to 2 years or do you typically give up after just 2 or 3 follow ups? Did you know that, on average, businesses have to follow up with potential clients 8 times in order to make the sale?! So, if you’re not happy with the results of your marketing, ask yourself,  “Have I been patiently persistent?” If you’re considering whether to abort a specific tactic take a good look at your actual efforts and ask yourself, “Have I simply been trying or have I truly committed to this tactic?” If you’re willing to be persistent, but just not sure whether you are taking the right approach to nurturing the root system of your business.

QUESTION: What inspires and encourages you as an entrepreneur to keep pushing forward in the midst of struggle?  Please share your comments below in the comment box.

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QUESTION: What inspires and encourages you as an entrepreneur to keep pushing forward in the midst of struggle?  Please share your comments below in the comment box.

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