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If you are an expert, coach, consultant, author, advisor, speaker or solorpreneur I want to ask you:

What’s the fastest way to grow your email list and attract hundreds of hot, qualified prospects into your business?

A) Social media

B) Newsletter publishing

C) Video marketing

D) Speaking

Answer: All of the above!

But WAIT, there’s a catch to that answer!

The real secret to quickly adding 1,000’s of hot prospects to your list is to convince someone else to do all those things FOR you, for free. And then get them to let you step in when the hard work is done and reap all the rewards.

Don’t think anyone would be crazy enough to do that?

Actually, people do it all the time. They’re called joint ventures!

(Ready to cut to the chase?) This FREE webinar shows you exactly how to find, approach, and get JV partners to promote your products and programs for you!


Joint ventures allow you to instantly tap into the audience that someone else has spent years to build. They’ve toiled away adding one subscriber at a time with marketing methods like PPC, SEO, and social media. And in one fell swoop, you can step in and “harvest” all that hard work by getting them to promote your product or program to their list.

Of course, the trick is in actually getting people with those lists to let you cash in on their community (which they fiercely protect).

This is where my friends Rich German and Milana Leshinsky come in. They have each done 100’s of joint ventures.

I first learned joint venture strategies from Rich and Milana. That’s why I  would highly recommend for you to register for their free webinar.

They’ve tapped into the power of joint venture partnerships to add tens of thousands of people to their email lists, become top players in their niches, and sell millions of dollars worth of products and coaching.

They’ve come up with a VERY unique way to get people to say YES to your JV proposals (even if you have no list). And they’ve created the easiest way to find potential JV partners you’ve ever seen – so easy, it’s practically done for you. They’ve really made the whole process a total no-brainer.

They’ll be revealing it all free on a special live webinar that you can register for here:

FREE Webinar: Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way to Get More Clients, Sell More Products, And Build a Massive List of Hot Prospects


Be sure to attend live because everyone who does gets a $197 list-building attendance prize – WOW!

If you’re frustrated with how long SLOW marketing strategies like SEO and social media are taking to build your list, fill your business with high-paying clients, and generate the six-figure info product sales you want – you need to be on this live webinar.

Rich and Milana will show you the shortcut around all those “slow growth” strategies, and show you exactly how to leverage other people’s lists to quickly add 1,000’s of subscribers and new clients to your business.

Joint ventures are the easiest and fastest way to launch your business to the next level. And the unique spin they put on their approach to joint ventures finally makes it easy for anyone to quickly put their own deals together (even if you’re just starting out and have a small or even no list).

Read that last paragraph again… easiest, fastest, anyone, small list, no list… Could this be for you?

Space on this training is limited, so grab your spot now:

FREE Webinar: Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way to Get More Clients, Sell More Products, And Build a Massive List of Hot Prospects


If you’ve tried using joint ventures to grow your list before, but found it difficult to partner with people when you’re just starting out, you’ll LOVE this FREE training!

Thank you!


P.S. I’m going to offer up an added BONUS from me to YOU. When you register and attend Rich and Milana’s free webinar you will receive a special Mastermind Session with Me on Friday, March 28th 11am EST where you will have direct access to me to ask all your burning questions and get feedback on your product or program creation. My private clients pay me thousands of dollars for my insights, ideas and feedback. You have this one  opportunity to get this is as a special free BONUS.

P.P.S. If you’ve never felt the adrenaline rush of seeing 10-50 names per minute get added to your email list, you must see what you’re missing out on and get in on the action. It’s incredible, and yet very real.

 Check it out!


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