Take Inspiration from 3 Fortune 500 Men

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Take Inspiration from 3 Fortune 500 Men

!cid_06B63769-2E1B-442E-9F28-BBCBC94247AE@westellNote From Yoon:

I’ve been taking Richard Branson’s advice. While I don’t have a hammock, my favorite relaxed spot to work is on my front porch chaise lounge. 

This is where I usually take my coaching calls. I follow the sun, so I end up moving to the side porch, then to my back porch.  Being outdoors is definitely a more fun place to work! Thanks for the tip Richard! 

What about you? Share your best success tips you’ve learned and implemented below.

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There is no such thing as a black and white path to success. The road to a successful future is bumpy along the way, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve great things. Sometimes the most unlikely advice is all it takes to catapult you towards greatness. Follow the unlikely advice of these Fortune 500 men, and you can take a step on the path towards your dreams.

Richard Branson: Virgin King

Sir Richard Branson in Vancouver

Photo by Shinsuke Ikegame via Flickr

Richard Branson has it all: a multibillion-dollar empire, his own private island and a great head of hair, but what’s his secret? Branson told Askmen.com that one of his secrets of success is to work from home whenever possible. A hammock is a much more fun place to work than a stuffy office desk, and working from home allows Branson to minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Bill Gates: The Ruler of PC Land

Bill Gates

Photo by Choice Isy via Flickr

Bill Gates pretty much runs Silicon Valley these days, and he owes much of his leadership ability to his parents. They forced him to participate in activities that don’t come naturally to him. He tells CNN Money Magazine that one of the most important parts of his childhood was learning to stretch out of his comfort zone. He may not have been the best athlete, but he sure made some important memories trying.

Steve Wynn: Big Winner

Steve Wynn at the Milken Institute Summit-London

Photo by MilkenInstitute via Flickr

Steve Wynn isn’t just a hotelier, he is “the” hotelier, and he owes it all to the way he treats people. In his seminars, Steve Wynn explains that his business motto is anything that brings immediate gratification will be repeated, and he uses it to ensure his employees and guests feel taken care of. This way, he builds a loyal fan and employee base that has his back.

What about you? Share your best success tips you’ve learned and implemented below.


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