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by | Jun 14, 2017 | Marketing and Sales Blog Posts

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Interesting story I wanted to share with you for your business this week.

My son Thomas and I recently began the college tour process. (Even though I’m not ready to let him go yet!)

The best visit so far was St. Joe’s University because he got to sit down with one of their admissions counselors where they gave him a personal critique of his essay.

This was a pivotal breakthrough for him.

He had been laboring for months now writing and re-writing his college application essay. He was ready to hit send until …

The admissions counselor gently pointed out that although he had a lot of great stories in the essay, they were getting in the way of letting colleges get to know the core message of who he was.

In other words, he needed to stick with one core “marketing” message and get rid of the other stuff that was just getting in the way.

I thought this was a great lesson for marketing your business. So, my challenge to you this week is:

Do you know what’s getting in the way of more customers saying yes to you?

In my experience having helped hundreds of business owners overcome this very challenge, I have found what gets in the way are these seven things:

7 roadblocks that’s making it hard for your ideal customers to do business with you:

1. They haven’t heard of you.
2. They don’t remember you.
3. They don’t get what you do
4. You sound the same as everyone else.
5. They didn’t get to know, like, and trust you.
6. Your offers aren’t appealing enough to them.
7. They lack confidence in making a buying decision.

If you’re struggling in any of these 7 roadblocks or you’re uncertain which ones are getting in your way, I’m offering a complimentary Marketing Roadblock Assessment Discovery Call. Just sign up here:

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QUESTION: Want to know whether you sound the same as your competitors? Write your short elevator pitch below and we’ll share our feedback. 


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