Lost Your Midas Touch? 4 Things You Can Do to Get it Back in Time to Enjoy Your Holidays!

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If your business is down it’s tough not to let it weigh you down. It can be even tougher to enjoy the upcoming holidays if you’re stressed out about the struggles in your business. To help you get your midas touch back I wanted to introduce my friend Nancy Sharp. Nancy is the Life Balance Expert for accomplished professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who want more work-life-family balance and a blueprint to realize the life they dream about. She’s share some useful tips on how you can get your midas touch back as an entrepreneur. Enjoy today’s guest blog article!



Lost Your Midas Touch? 4 Things You Can Do to Get it Back in Time to Enjoy Your Holidays!

Guest Author: Nancy F. Sharp, LMFT, Cht, LFYP-1

Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day (1993) with Bill Murray? Murray plays Phil Connors, an arrogant and egocentric Pittsburgh TV weatherman who, during a hated assignment covering the annual Ground Hog Day event in Punxsutawny, finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again. After indulging in some pretty serious wrong solution cycle responses, he begins to re-examine his life and priorities (description from Wikipedia).

The tips you’ll find in this article will assist you in changing the way you respond to situations and decision making and will aid in your growth toward positive outcomes, and experiencing a happier, healthier life and work balance.

Sometimes we think we have our best responses to situations all lined up and ready to go…but sometimes the way we think we could respond is really not as effective as we might hope…leaving us with a result we wish we did not have to deal with… and we find life bursting into high pressure.

And so this is seen in 5 important areas of our lives:

Financially- glass income ceiling, stop trying, overspending

Professionally-lack of focus, ambition, not feeling as enthusiastic, performance

Physically-stress, anxiety, headaches, HBP, chronic pain or fatigue, food cravings

Emotionally-worry, resentful, sad, anxious

Relationally- when not feeling on top of your game you may isolate because you do not have enough energy to connect and it is not fun to be or be with a Debbie or Doug Downer.

One of my recent blog posts considered that if you crave maximum growth development there are 4 obstacles that demand one’s attention and breakthrough. These are obstacles that just about everyone has by nature, and it requires conscious decisiveness and effort to get rid of.

1. Unwilling to assume full responsibility. Each year, your growth is up to you and you solely. For certain, you have resources and ought to get assistance in achieving your goals, but ultimately YOU will reap the crop that YOU plant. Growth cannot come about until you take charge to make it happen.

2. Reluctant to take crucial action. All the knowledge in the world is unhelpful until it is put into action. Once you have determined to improve your life, make a plan and get going. Growth cannot come about until you embark on moving toward your unique growth path.

3. Reluctant to appear foolish. The quest for anything worthwhile will unquestionably demand you to take some chances. You’ll need to go beyond your comfort zone and in that growth period; you’ll falter, fall or look foolish at least one time- it’s almost guaranteed. The earlier you break free from worrying about appearances, the sooner growth can start.

4. Starting out with incorrect principles. Many of the things that we’ve come to believe about success, wellness and fortune merely are not true. A few have never been true, and some used to be true but they aren’t any longer.

These obstacles must be overcome if you want to respond differently and grow and the good news is that you definitely can overcome them. I could dish out dozens of examples of each category, and if you want to analyze some of yours, please schedule a no-obligation discovery session with me by clicking here.

The root of why we respond the way we do is extremely important to understand. That usually requires some shoring up of our “bedrock”. It provides us with the ability to change or update our response patterns so we can finally change our story…

I welcome you to take action now. Hesitant: Read #2 above again. For now, responding differently and growth cannot occur until you have an accurate plan of action. Click Here.


To live a life better than the status quo and notice the benefits financially (a feeling of greater security and control of your money), professionally (greater focus, ambition), physically (a greater sense of well-being), emotionally (feeling lighter, greater contentment, happiness, peaceful), and relationally (experiencing positive connection).

It really can be yours. So here’s a gift from me to get you started https://nancyfsharp.leadpages.net/mp3/

Nancy-SharpAuthor Bio: Nancy F. Sharp, LMFT, Cht, LFYP-1 is the Life Balance Expert for accomplished professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who want more work-life-family balance and a blueprint to realize the life they dream about. As a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga Therapist and Mastering the Energy of Money Coach she has built a thriving private clinical practice. Her ability to focus and organize her life has contributed to her success both personally and professionally. Read More


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