How Shaving 30 Hours A Week Added A Quarter A Million and Increase Revenues

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If you want to grow your business while working a whole lot less …. or even create a business that runs without you and increase revenues, be sure to listen to a recent interview I gave on The Parents Entrepreneur Power podcast show.

This episode is especially great for those of you who are juggling growing your business while raising young kids.

Host Mary Kathryn Johnson and I got some good chuckles as I shared my most embarrassing confession how I first approached my business as a new mom.

It was messy back then when I was trying to juggle growing my business with a new baby. As a new parent I did not want to miss out on those precious years when my kids are little, so, by the time my second son was born I started putting some systems into place that truly freed me up in my business.

That new freedom was awesome!

I eventually got it down to working only 10 hours a week. In that time, even though I was working less in my business my revenues still managed to grow by quarter a million dollars.

At one point, I remember thinking to myself, “If revenues grew by quarter a million with me working 10 hours a week, I bet if I worked 40 hours a week I could grow it by one million!”

But, then I also made another decision that no amount of money would make it worth missing out on those precious years with my three children.

If you too want to work less in your business, whether to spend more time with your kids, your grandkids or you just want to travel and golf you can grab some key nuggets in our interview.


The biggest reason I became a business coach in 2008 is because I really wanted to help entrepreneurs like you achieve more freedom in your business.



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