Managing Shiny Objects Anxiety +7-Figure Growth Challenges [Entrepreneur Roundtable]

by | Sep 6, 2022 | General


Do you struggle with anxiety or  SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME?

Growing a business is not easy… it might look that way when you see others winning the Inc 5000 Awards, the Ernst and Young awards like Agency owner, Rich Kahn.

But he spilled the beans on how much he struggled in his business as an extreme introvert.

It takes a lot of strength to admit your weaknesses…. But I believe, that when I am weak, then I am strong. 

I am in awe of these three seasoned entrepreneurs: Rich Kahn, Steve Cunningham, and Samantha Bennett. 

Not just because of the impressive milestones they’ve achieved … like building 7-figure businesses, winning multiple prestigious awards, achieving celebrity status, and more…

I admire their humility and raw transparency as we discuss the real struggles they had had to overcome and continue to manage.

Can you relate to any of these challenges as an entrepreneur?

1- Shiny object syndrome

2- Anxiety

3- Depression


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