Superman’s Motivation – Do You Have It?

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Note From Yoon

small ant carrying a leaf

Sometimes it’s those little things in life that speak loudly on the big lessons worth learning. 

I noticed this tiny little ant who was carrying a piece of food that was bigger than his own size. He didn’t seem to slow down his pace even though the temperature was scorching hot on this summer afternoon. He didn’t even pause when I watched him occasionally slip into the crevices of my porch floor. He was one motivated ant! 

It reminded me of the immense power that motivation has on us. As business owners we are bound to occasionally lose our footing and slip into those crevices of setbacks.

The right motivation can empower you with the strength to keep moving forward to your goal. Read today’s blog article and please share your comments and questions on how you can stay in peak motivation. 

Here’s to Your Success~


Superman’s Motivation – Do You Have It?

motivationThe world knew Christopher Reeve as a Super hero. He could leap tall buildings in a single bound as he righted injustices.

Then, in real life, he fell from his horse and suffered a spinal injury that left him paralyzed from his neck down. He could have felt sorry for himself for the rest of his life. But, instead, he confined his sorrow to a good cry each morning and then got on with it.

“In the morning, I need twenty minutes to cry,” he said. “To wake up and make that shift, you know, and to just say, “This really sucks”…to really allow yourself the feeling of loss…still needs to be acknowledged.” But after his long, hard cry each day, he would tell himself, “And now, forward!”

Reeve operated his wheelchair by blowing through or sipping on a straw. Yet he still traveled around the country speaking at Commencement addresses, directing movies and was a spokesperson for finding medical cures for quadriplegics.

He was determined to not to let the very real obstacle of being paralyzed keep him from living a life worth living. He can be an inspiration to all of us.

Everyone gets down from time to time, but the secret to success is not staying there for long. Like Superman, you might give yourself a few minutes to feel your emotions but then it’s time to move forward.

Christopher Reeve’s motivation was to not be a victim of unfortunate circumstances what’s yours? Your motivation may be help others, to be free of debt, or to appear powerful in your industry.

Whatever your motivation is, don’t lose sight of it in the dark hours. There are several ways to do this so running your business stays interesting and invigorating.

1. Stay inspired

Read or listen to inspirational stories and interviews about people who’ve overcome tremendous challenges to achieve huge successes.

2. Set the right goals

Goal setting helps you create a road map so you know where you’re going. But picking the right goal makes all the difference between temporary and lasting motivation. Don’t just stop at what your goal is that you’re trying to achieve this year. Dig deeper into what it’s all for? What is your ultimate purpose? Why is it so critically important that you achieve this goal?

3. Set goals with rewards

When you achieve a goal how will you reward yourself? Decide your rewards when you set your goals and write them side by side. Giving yourself frequent doses of rewards gives you the energy and momentum to keep on achieving upcoming milestone goals.

A reward doesn’t have to be a 3 week trip to Tahiti. Give yourself a special treat like a massage or lunch with a friend. Bigger rewards might be the afternoon off for a round of golf or to catch a matinee. Whatever it is, reward yourself frequently for both milestone events as well as a successful completion of a project. It keeps you renewed and energized.

Running a successful business does not result from just strategy alone. Success is a mental contact sport.

Know that setbacks are an inevitable part of life and business. Here are 3 well known examples that come to mind.

-Thomas Edison’s light bulb project failed 10,000 times before he found success.

-Author John Grisham is today ranked as a bestselling author but it wasn’t always that way. His first novel, A Time to Kill was rejected by 16 agents and 12 publishing houses before being accepted by Island Books.

–Michael Jordan missed more than 9000 shots in his stellar basketball career.

Here’s some food for thought about success:

1. Success does not come easy.

If it were easy, everyone would achieve success.

2. Success comes with a price tag.

Setbacks, disappointments, blows and knockouts are all par for the course. You have to EXPECT to run into roadblocks and obstacles. Whoever decides to climb Mount Everest and expects that the climb to the top will be smooth and easy? … But many business owners react to setbacks in the business with surprise and negative reactions. Remember that your reactions will always be based on your expectations. If you are having destructive reactions to your business setbacks, then change you expectations. As Vince Lombardi was famous for saying, “It’s now whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up” … so expect that knock downs will happen!

3. Success has to be your focus.

It’s easy to obsess over the “problem-of-the-day”, but that will only suck you into the horrible quagmire of discouragement, self-pity and worry. Focusing on your problems will only immobilize. Focus instead on the prize. But, here’s the thing, you have to really want the prize! … If you find that focusing on your ultimate goal is not helping you push through the pain, then re-think your goal and change your prize to something that will help you push through today’s setback.

4. Successful people never did it alone.

I believe the concept of “self-made Millionaire” is a fallacy. I don’t believe anyone achieved their success alone. Every celebrity, CEO, or professional athlete had a person or people who were their support, sounding board, trainer or coach. If you are believing this myth that people are self-made successes, perhaps that is the greatest boulder getting in your way.

Success comes when you take thoughtful action and build a team to support you in your endeavors. Rejoice in your abilities and take charge of your dreams. You’ll be glad you did!

As Christopher Reeve said “I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life. I don’t mean to be reckless, but setting a goal that seems a bit daunting actually is very helpful toward recovery.”

What “disability” is getting in the way from you having the best year ever this year?

Is it limited resources? Limited time? Limited knowledge? Limited support or perhaps it is limiting beliefs? …. And, what are you going to do about it today? …. You can take advantage of scheduling your free discovery session with me, but I only have a limited supply of available slots. I can only fit in 2 spots a month for free discovery coaching sessions, so you can imagine the months fill up fast. …I want to help you have your absolute best year ever!! But, you are the one who is going to have to take that first step. I invite you to just pick up the phone and call me. It could be the most game-changing call you’ve ever made!  (215) 292-4947

QUESTION: What helps you get out of your motivation slump? Please share your tips in the comment box below.

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