Overcoming Self Doubt as an Entrepreneur

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Overcoming Self Doubt
Self-doubt can sure kill your business success and prevent you reaching your full potential. But, it does not have to. To help you overcome self-doubt in a healthy, productive way, practice my 6 tried-and-tested approaches to helping you conquer your gremlins, so they stop getting in the way of your business success.

Expect that self-doubt is going to happen.

Whether it’s in sports or in business when we don’t expect the attack that’s when we knocked off our feet. Self-doubt is normal. Don’t be so surprised when it happens to you. Attacks of self-doubt are a part of the game. Even the most talented entrepreneurs experience self-doubt at some point throughout the year. Being aware and expecting self-doubt will happen makes this invisible missile, visible, so you can see it and fight back to extinguish it.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Many entrepreneurs subconsciously respond to self-doubt by retreating into their comfort zone. They lose faith in their ability to take on new challenges, and learn new skills – and even deliberately hide from them. It’s crucial to remember that nothing incredible ever happens within your comfort zone. The most life-changing business opportunities all happen in unfamiliar circumstances. Leaving your comfort zone is part-and-parcel of being successful – and remembering that will help you overcome self-doubt.

Quit beating yourself up.

Entrepreneurs are notoriously hard upon themselves, especially in times of failure. But, being your own harshest critic is a double-edged sword. It helps you win when it drives you to set hold high expectations of your self. The other side, however, can stab your business success if you keep beating yourself up for every business failure that happens.

Stop thinking you failed because you weren’t good enough – that only sets you up for failing again. In other words, self-doubt is borne from low self-esteem. Thankfully, we can combat this. Realize when your negativity is fueled by your own judgment, and make a conscious effort to be kind to yourself. Have some self-compassion.

Blame the tactics, not the talent.

Many of my entrepreneur clients hire me for business coaching because they are frustrated with their flat sales. I understand though, that your frustration goes beyond just seeing depressing numbers on the board. Those flat sales can make you feel like you fell flat on your face. That can be a huge blow to the gut and our pride.

Failing to reach your goals doesn’t have to be such a hard pain to recover from if you shift your focus to:

  • Re-evaluating your TACTICS instead of re-evaluating your TALENT.
  • STOP drawing false conclusions that a failure is a reflection of your talent.

I’m here to remind you and SHOUT to you – it’s not true.

Get expert TACTICAL guidance.

Let’s say you believe you’re a terrible cook. What makes a meal a success or failure has more to do with factors like whether you’re using a good or bad recipe, fresh or processed ingredients, cheap or quality-made cookware, cooking time, and temperatures – you get the idea.

Half the battle with your business success starts from showing up each day with the right mindset. The other half has more to do with your approach. It’s important to re-evaluate the tactics in your business growth strategy. An outside expert can also give you better feedback on how well you’re executing on those strategies. Executing the wrong strategies can easily fuel that self-doubt. Implementing the right strategies can suddenly make you look and feel like a rock star.

Build your inner circle.

Feedback from your friends, family, and peers can help you to improve your abilities; but it can also weaken your own faith in yourself. Often, well-intentioned constructive feedback, coming from a non-expert, ends up being the wrong feedback.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to isolate yourself from growing your business alone. But, isolation is where self-doubt flourishes. We all need to have an inner circle of 2-3 people who understand our industry and our challenges and can contribute insightful perspectives on your strengths and strategies.

Get busy, and stay busy.

Productivity can help you extinguish self-doubt. When you’re working flat-out to make a deadline, you don’t have the time to reflect on your work; and you’re too busy to let negativity creep into your emotions. Reflection leads to self doubt, and self doubt leads to inaction. It creates a vicious cycle of doubt, where you become paralyzed by the fear of failure, and unwilling to start working again. To overcome self-doubt, make sure your schedule is packed with productive plans to keep you working towards definite deadlines.

Get some momentum.

Many entrepreneurs have a tendency to seek perfection. Every blog post, email, brief, design, and pitch has to be ideal – and nothing less will do. These high ideals can help inspire you to new heights, but they can also be the very thing that keeps you from moving the ball forward.

Perfection isn’t always attainable, and in these instances, it’s crucial to start moving forward. Remember that ‘done moderately well is better than not done at all’.

Success is about getting results. You don’t get results by simply standing still. You need to go up to bat and keep swinging. If you keep at it, while focusing on your approach (and not doubting your talent), you will eventually hit a homerun!

If you are tired of struggling with self-doubt and want to finally stop getting in your own way, so you can grow your dream business I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery coaching call with me here:


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