Overnight Success is a Myth

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Success Mindset

Imagine for a moment the struggle and doubt the Wright brothers faced as they made attempt after attempt to create a “flying machine”.  They financed their scheme with the proceeds from their bicycle shop, they toiled after work hours in oblivion.  Later, when the brothers started to have some success with their flying efforts and gained notice from the press, Europeans accused them of lying.  Others ridiculed them.    It was a harebrained scheme and there were plenty of others with far more resources than they.  What gave them the audacity to think they could out maneuver Dr. Samuel Langley, the Secretary of the Smithsonian who had both wealth  and the NY Times covering his every move?

Yet, it’s the Wright Brothers we remember today. They tested three gliders over the years at Kitty Hawk, NC, they didn’t all fly.  But the brothers learned each time.  “In studying their failures we found many points of interest to us.” —Wilbur Wright

They didn’t give up even when it looked doubtful they would succeed.  They looked at each “failure” as one step closer to success.

If you take this same attitude—you can view your own “failures” as a learning tool leading you one more step down the road to your version of success.

I coach my clients to spend at least 30 minutes a day going over the 5 R’s–Record, Review, Re-evaluate, Reduce and Re-purpose.

By spending this time making notes, reviewing your successes and your failures you learn what worked and what didn’t.  Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your goals or try another tactic.  Whatever you decide, if you take notes and test your strategies, over time you’ll have a formidable knowledge of what works in your business.

Brilliant ideas, brilliant inventions, brilliant minds. You know, rarely does one achieve brilliant success without having to endure and overcome great challenges. Michaelangelo even said of his own history making artwork — “if people knew how hard I had to work, it wouldn’t seem that brilliant at all”.

I am never one to proselytize that I can teach you how to achieve your brilliance in “3-easy steps”.  It’s a shame how much of that malarky is being spread out there. But, if you’re going to trek out to climb to the top of a massive mountain, let me at least equip you with some useful tools, tips and guidance that will definitely make your trek to success (not easy), but easier and speedier. My mission is to encourage, equip and empower Entrepreneurs, so you can accelerate fulfilling your mission. If you’re looking for someone to team with in this capacity, I invite you to connect with me. Email: YoonCannon@ParamountBusinessCoach.com or call (215) 292-4947 EST

Here’s to your success!



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