Get Out of Your Own Way – 5 Signs that the Quest for Perfection is Hindering Your Success 

image2There’s nothing wrong with aiming high – but striving for perfection could be hindering your success, If you can relate to any of these 5 signs, you need to get out of your own way, and stop being a perfectionist:

Sign #1 – Success is black and white

A lot of perfectionists can be characterized by their black or white approach to success and failure. Instead of appreciating a spectrum of success, with some business ideas achieving moderate, or even mixed results, perfectionists will view everything they do as either a complete success, or a total failure. This can be severely hindering to a business, as it encourages an attitude of ‘all-or-nothing’ – with entrepreneurs unable to see the good in their ideas, and unable to achieve satisfaction in anything they do.

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Why Host a Webinar? 9 Fantastic Webinar Benefits

usnavyresearchWebinars are a powerful tool in any business arsenal – and hosting your own event is a smart business development strategy.  If you’re thinking about best practices for attracting new clients and growing your business here are 9 benefits for hosting your own webinar.

1. Hosting webinars develops authority and trust

Hosting a webinar allows your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products and services. Your webinar also benefits from the human element – allowing you to put a real face to your business, helping your audience to engage with and even become emotionally invested in your business.

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5 Damaging Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

gamedaymistakesIf you’ve gone to the effort of setting up a webinar, it’s crucial that it runs smoothly. There are a host of common webinar mistakes to avoid, from technical issues to problems of promotion and awareness. Any one of these 5 damaging webinar mistakes to avoid can hurt your webinar attendance. Thankfully, I’ve created this short guide to help you identify the critical aspects of hosting a successful webinar:

1. Covering too many topics

Webinars are fantastic way to add value to your customer experience. They allow you to market your skills, knowledge and expertise; and educate and help people in the process. As a result, you’d be forgiven for trying to include as much helpful content into your webinar as possible. After all, the more content you can include, the more beneficial your webinar is… right?

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6 Affordable Trade Show Tips to Double Your Success!

In the digital age, setting up a trade shoshutterstock_184424294w booth and talking to       actual people might seem like a trip back to the stone age, but 99   percent of marketers find unique value in this format, according to the Trade Show News Network. With face-to-face meetings, you can reel in more clients and, because so many of your clients will be in the same place at once, you can build brand awareness with all of them in one fell swoop. Before you set up your next trade show be sure to include thee trade show tips to help you generate more leads.

Exhibiting doesn’t need to be expensive and, if you integrate these six trade show tips into your show strategy, you could easily increase your profits without spending an extra dime:

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nblogFinally… a fast, easy way to grow your list!


If you are an expert, coach, consultant, author, advisor, speaker or solorpreneur I want to ask you:

What’s the fastest way to grow your email list and attract hundreds of hot, qualified prospects into your business?

A) Social media

B) Newsletter publishing

C) Video marketing

D) Speaking

Answer: All of the above!

But WAIT, there’s a catch to that answer!

The real secret to quickly adding 1,000’s of hot prospects to your list is to convince someone else to do all those things FOR you, for free. And then get them to let you step in when the hard work is done and reap all the rewards.

Don’t think anyone would be crazy enough to do that?

Actually, people do it all the time. They’re called joint ventures!

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#1 marketing strategy for coaches, authors, and speakers – How to get more clients with joint ventures you were to ask any successful coach, author, or speaker (including ME!) what their #1 most powerful marketing strategy is, over 90% of them would say the same thing.

…It wouldn’t be Facebook or Twitter.

…It wouldn’t be newsletters or articles.

Sure, they probably do all those things but if you really looked at what’s driving the BULK of their sales, and consistently filling up their programs month after month, year after year…

You would discover that JOINT VENTURES are the #1 force driving new clients into their business.

(Want to cut to the chase?) This FREE webinar shows you exactly how to find, approach, and get JV partners to promote your products and programs for you!


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Overcoming Employee Resistance to Change, Part 1 – 8 Simple Strategies to Creating Successful Change

i1The challenge of overcoming employee resistance is a hurdle both small and large business owners face.As your business grows, it has to adapt to changing circumstances. Trends and tastes change, and new challenges emerge; and it’s the most flexible, adaptive businesses that survive. This evolutionary process can be painful – especially when your employees are resistant to change.

From my experience, balancing the needs of the business, and the desires of its employees, is the most common problem facing small business owners and their managers. Implementing structural change in a business has become a dreaded necessity – but it needn’t be.

Here are 8 surefire strategies to overcoming employee resistance; the most effective, efficient and productive ways to create successful change in your business.

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How to Monetize Your Mission – For Heart Centered Social Entrepreneurs

NicolaGrace (1)By Guest Author: Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

We spiritual, conscious awake professionals and entrepreneurs have a real dilemma on our hands, don’t we?

We’d much rather be focusing 100% on our purpose, raising awareness, being in high service to the world, transforming it to a better place where all can prosper – and yet we need money to not only survive and thrive, but to be able to make an even bigger difference.

We see the Industrial moguls continuing to make billions by looting and pillaging our planet and we say “No, not that”. “If that’s how you get rich I don’t want to be like that!” At the same time we know we can, and we deserve to, experience the abundance of our Universe.

Hence the dilemma! There’s this tug of war going on inside of us. One part of us wants to passionately be full time transformers and changemakers not having to worry about money – the other part of us could be struggling to make the kind of Right Money we need and want. And quite frankly, that money would be better invested if it were in our hands, wouldn’t it?

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5 Networking Tips to Generate Leads

????????????????????????Save Time with the Networking Tips to Generate Leads!

Networking is one of the most important marketing avenues a small business owner can take to generate leads.  According to a 2013 survey conducted by Consulting Success, 36 percent of consultants spend more time on networking than any other marketing method, and 34 percent reported that networking earned them more money than any other promotional tactic. If networking doesn’t play a big role in your bottom line, maybe it should. Here are some key networking  tips to prepare you for your next event and help you generate leads.

Networking Tip #1.  Set Achievable Goals

Set achievable goals for a networking event. You could aim to talk to almost everyone in attendance for three to five minutes, or you could attempt to meet at least seven new people. The key to generate leads from networking is to make your goals measurable: Do you plan to meet new prospects? Set a number defining how many prospects you want to meet. Do you plan on getting your business card out? Decide how many you plan to distribute, and make sure you come equipped with enough of them. For more information about ordering quality business cards, visit

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Blogging to Generate Leads: A Guide to Blog Marketing

bloggingtoLead generation is crucial to any business – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive, or difficult. Blogging to generate leads is one of the most powerful, easy and effective ways to generate leads; and these 3 methods will have you inundated with new leads in no time.

Blogging to generate leads through SEO

Search engines represent the most direct route for generating leads. Prospective customers search for businesses and products through the likes of Google and Yahoo!, and click the most relevant links – with 33% of all search traffic going to the business ranked #1 in the search engine results page. Blogging allows you to climb these rankings by filling your webpage with relevant keywords and links.

The more times you include a particular keyword in a page, the more likely that page is to appear high-up in the search engine rankings. Blogging allows you to regularly create keyword-rich pages, boosting your websites search engine visibility and directly generating leads.

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Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

top10newLinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing your business, skills and experience, and an incredible way of finding new leads. These top 10 LinkedIn marketing tips are designed to dramatically boost your LinkedIn profile, and help you to develop an authoritative and effective LinkedIn presence!

10. Join Industry-Relevant Groups

If you’re hunting for leads, LinkedIn groups should be your first port of call. These groups bring together all the thought-leaders, experts and potential leads from each industry. By joining these groups, you gain access to some of the key players in your industry – perfect for marketing your services and ability.

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Phone Prospecting Tips for Setting up Appointments

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.40.42 AMIn an age when everyone is suffering from email overload it pays off to simply pick up the phone.  Of course, you probably know by now my first recommendation is to use LinkedIn to help you make connections before your even begin your phone prospecting. People are much more inclined to listen to your entire phone prospecting approach if you first build that connection online.

The key to successful phone  prospecting is planning. Using guidelines and a script on the call doesn’t have to make it sound mechanical if you’re listening to a customer and connecting with his communication style. These tips will increase your phone prospecting close rate and build your confidence in using the phone for marketing and setting up appointments.


1. Have a written out phone prospecting approach.

You might think that winging it is will make your phone prospecting approach sound more natural. On the contrary, “winging it” only leaves you with inconsistent results. It also ends up making your phone prospecting sound more confusing to the person answering your call because you inherently end up spitting out fragmented phrases you’ve used randomly in the past.

Since a confused mind says “no” be sure to take the time to write a well thought out phone prospecting approach that quickly builds rapport, asks relevant open ended questions and gives the customer enough information to accept your invitation to set up an appointment.

Make your phone prospecting calls from some place comfortable. Relax, think about successfully closing during your phone prospecting calls and have a smile on your face. Your body language comes through over the phone in subtle ways so have a positive attitude before you dial, suggest ATC Conferencing. If it’s helpful, imagine that each customer is actually sitting in front of you watching your body language.

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Attract Clients on LinkedIn! 12 Things You Can Do in 15 Minutes

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 1.29.20 PMMost people think they need to be spending a lot of time on LinkedIn to attract clients.  But that’s just not true. When you know where to spend your time and what to focus on, you can accomplish a lot in just a small amount of time. LinkedIn is a great resource for marketing your business to help you attract clients with ease.  And it’s free. I used to spend $50,000/year in advertising. I love that all the marketing I do on LinkedIn is free!

Here are 12 tips to help you attract clients on LinkedIn in just 15 minutes a day.

1. Send 10 LinkedIn invites to continue to grow your network. The more people you have in your network the easier it becomes to attract clients on LinkedIn. I noticed more prospects responded to my LinkedIn activity once I hit the 500 connection level.

2. Research 1 or 2 potential clients. This will help you target your services and they’ll be impressed by what you know about them.

3. Post 1 tip.  Choose 1 tip to share that solves a common struggle among your target market. Like bees to honey your tips shared consistently attracts clients and draws them to you.

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5 Tips to Attract Clients on LinkedIn

by Yoon Cannon

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 2.15.37 PMAttracting clients on LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to build 6 figures in new business, but most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn other than simply accepting those LinkedIn invitations you receive. If that’s you, you’re missing out on easy business which means you’re leaving money on the table. I meet lots of entrepreneurs who had a LinkedIn account for 10 years, but never learned how to monetize LinkedIn. LinkedIn can generate 6 figures in new business (and 7 figures for some businesses) That means in 10 years those people left 1 Million dollars on the table from missing out on easy business.

LinkedIn does not have to be a time suck if you know how to leverage Linked to grow your business. In fact, you can attract a steady flow of new clients if you’re consistent at doing the right things in less than 30 minutes a day. And, why wouldn’t you want to use LinkedIn? After all, it’s free!

 I want to help you get started with 5 easy LinkedIn marketing tips.

1. Get clear about why you are using LinkedIn for business.

Unless you know why you’re doing something, you’re liable to flounder around without much progress. Spend 15 minutes journaling the answers to the following questions:

What business result are you trying to create? Use Linkedin to accomplish one result at a time.

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Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money — 6 Productivity Tips to Help You Make More Money This Year!

by Yoon Cannon

Happy-New-year-2014-cards-2Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and you are re-charged for having your best year ever in 2014!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast 12 months have flown by. As you reflect on your business this past year I’d love to hear about what were your greatest wins in 2013 and what remains your #1 challenge in your business that you are committed to conquering in 2014?

My mission is to help make 2014 the year that changed everything for you and your business. Please share your responses on my blog.

Success and Blessings!


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4 Software Solutions to Help a Busy Small Business Owner Manage

Software Solutions for busy small business ownerYou’re competing with nearly 22 million small business owners in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. How quickly and efficiently you get something done for your customers can make the difference between earning their loyalty or losing them to the competition.

Managing your time well can get you repeat business and referrals, and these tools will help you be fast and efficient, no matter what your business.

 (1) Manage Customers

Not long ago, only large corporations could afford to use sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Now they are available through software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers on the cloud. A good CRM system lets you access and analyze customer information, get better visibility into the sales cycle and learn the business trend information that helps with forecasting. Zoho CRM is one such cloud-based tool. Use it to:

  • Get reports on customer activity every morning
  • Integrate your sales activity with customer contact information and have a complete record of how the sales cycle is progressing
  • Access customer information on the road with the Zoho mobile app

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Discouragement Destroying Your Game Plan?

Could Discouragement Be Destroying Your Game Plan? 


As football season is in full swing what I love about the game is how it challenges even the best players not to rely solely on the playbook. The football team, the coaches and even us fans know how much the athletes’ mental state of mind will impact how the game will play out. So, which is more important? The playbook or their mindset?

How can you choose one over the other? They’re both critically important to winning the game.

So, what about your game plan as an entrepreneur or a small business owner? Has your 2011 game plan been helping you achieve notable wins in your business this year?As a business growth coach I often see clients missing out on experiencing a winning season, not necessarily because they didn’t have a good game plan, but because they allowed themselves to fall prey to simple thing called discouragement.

Even though most of the clients I help are established Entrepreneurs and small business owners who have had many prior successes it seems that discouragement can still attack and destroy even the best laid strategic plans.

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Lost Your Midas Touch? 4 Things You Can Do to Get it Back in Time to Enjoy Your Holidays!

Note from Yoon:

If your business is down it’s tough not to let it weigh you down. It can be even tougher to enjoy the upcoming holidays if you’re stressed out about the struggles in your business. To help you get your midas touch back I wanted to introduce my friend Nancy Sharp. Nancy is the Life Balance Expert for accomplished professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who want more work-life-family balance and a blueprint to realize the life they dream about. She’s share some useful tips on how you can get your midas touch back as an entrepreneur. Enjoy today’s guest blog article!


Lost Your Midas Touch? 4 Things You Can Do to Get it Back in Time to Enjoy Your Holidays!

Guest Author: Nancy F. Sharp, LMFT, Cht, LFYP-1


Concerned Expressive Mixed Race Woman Wearing Winter Clothing Holding Shopping Bags and Piggybank Isolated on White Background.Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day (1993) with Bill Murray? Murray plays Phil Connors, an arrogant and egocentric Pittsburgh TV weatherman who, during a hated assignment covering the annual Ground Hog Day event in Punxsutawny, finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again. After indulging in some pretty serious wrong solution cycle responses, he begins to re-examine his life and priorities (description from Wikipedia).

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Overcoming the ‘Not Now’ Objection for High Ticket Items

by Yoon Cannon on November 5th, 2013

download (1)Note from Yoon ….

If you are in the Philadelphia area I’d like to invite you to come to the November 12th event at the Federal Reserve Building where I will be one of the panel speakers on the topic of BUILDING A WINNING SALES TEAM hosted by the Entrepreneur Forum of Greater Philadelphia. In this photo I’m at a recent EFGP event with my friend Rhone Carr of DocuVault.  Having a strong sales and marketing system is integral for your business growth. Enjoy today’s article on overcoming the “not now” objections.



Sales Coaching Tip – Overcoming the ‘Not Now’ Objection for High Ticket Items!



There are hundreds of sales coaching tips out there that offer clever but canned responses you can use for your prospects’ objections. I want to provide you something even better than that. I want to show you how you can set yourself up in order to have easy sales conversations without being “salesy”, so you can enroll new clients effortlessly.

One of the greatest sales skills you can have is listening. If you listen to your prospects long enough, they’ll tell you how to sell them. I refer to “selling them” not in a manipulative sense. “Selling” to me is about speaking in their language based on the way your prospect makes decisions.

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Attracting New Clients on LinkedIn – 4 Steps to Getting Started

by Yoon Cannon


Did you know that LinkedIn has proven to be 277% more effective at generating leads for your business than Facebook or Twitter? With more than 200 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network.

If you’re looking for ways to attract new clients faster and easier you need to learn how to maximize LinkedIn marketing for your business.

I have built my solo coaching practice on LinkedIn. What I love about LinkedIn marketing is that it’s free to use — can’t get better than that!

And, it does not require a huge amount of my time. In fact, LinkedIn alone has generated 6 figures in new business for me in as little as 30 minutes a day.

The thing I hear most often from solopreneurs is that while they have a profile on LinkedIn and accept connection requests, they have not been attracting new clients from their LinkedIn marketing.

Okay, that’s like saying you ordered the treadmill and got it set up, but you’re still not losing any weight. If that’s you my friend, I’d like to point out — you need to actually walk or run on that treadmill regularly to start seeing results.

Well, if you’re not on LinkedIn regularly, it’s most likely because you don’t know what you should be doing on LinkedIn to attract new clients. Here are 4 key actions you can take right away to get started.

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Hold Onto Your Cash for a Healthy Business

by Yoon Cannon

Management of moneyThe U.S. Department of Labor estimates 50 percent of U.S. businesses fail within the first five years. The primary reason is poor cash management, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) cites. Good cash management is about keeping your cash as long as possible, and convincing your customers to pay promptly. Keeping a few cash management principles in mind will help you keep a healthy business and stop you from becoming just another statistic.

The Confusion Over Profit

Profit and cash flow are related but not equal, stresses Inc. Your profit and loss statement gives you the simple results of revenue minus expenses. A positive result is considered profit, but you can’t tell how healthy your cash flow is by just seeing a profit. Areas you need to watch include:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Capital expenditures
  • Level of debt

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