Preparing A Trade Show Booth

by | May 25, 2009 | Business Growth Tips Blog, Marketing and Sales Blog Posts

QUESTION: I am doing a trade show next month. How do I create a stand out booth?

Trade Show

1. If you have never exhibited at the particular trade show before ask the event organizer for any photos of booths from the previous year. Evaluate what the majority of booths have in common and seek to create a design that stands out from those styles.

2. Avoid the “mom and pop” version of a display table. You don’t want your booth to resemble a yard sale with just brochures laid out on the table. If you are not naturally creative solicit the help of those you know who are creative. If you don’t have the budget to purchase professional trade show structures from supply vendors you can still create a professional looking booth from simple wood structures covered in fabric you can build in an afternoon.

3. Choose just 3-4 words to position your company. Too often small businesses try to get their entire features and benefits written all over their booth, but attendees don’t have the time or interest to read wordy booths. Also, when you only have 3 or 4 words to work with you can display those words much larger. Letters ideally should be 2′ in height for attendees to read easily from an aisle away.

4. Meet their immediate need at the trade show. You want to drive traffic to your booth regardless of whether they are all from people in your target market. When you have a small crowd at your booth it creates a buzz and creates an even bigger crowd. Here are popular needs you can meet:

a. a sturdy shoulder bag for the attendee to put all of their brochures in. (make sure it has your company name, tagline, website and phone on it)

b. a treat for their sugar cravings

c. a snack to curb their hunger

d. a few massage chairs or regular chairs with massage pads to give their tired feet and backs a break

e. balloons, a cartoon video, a costumed character for their bored kids

f. a compelling raffle drawing give-away

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