5 Cool Web Tools for Small Business

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small businessRunning your own business can be very overwhelming at times. You’ve got so much you’d like to do, but never enough time it seems to get it all done.

The good news is we now have access to a growing list of web based tools that offer excellent solutions for the busy entrepreneur.

Here are 5 cool web tools I highly recommend for small business owners to increase your productivity, so you can work less and earn more.

Cool Web Tool #1. Work and train remotely. 


It’s easier now more than ever to work remotely. Whether you’re on the road or your staff is working virtually, you can easily share your computer screen with others. I use Free Screen Sharing to train a group of people or even just one person. The tool allows me to share whatever is on my computer screen with those who I invite to my session. This tool offers unlimited meetings with up to 96 participants at a time. They also throw in free, dedicated conference bridge line you can use at anytime. Visit FreeScreenSharing.com

Cool Web Tool #2. One application and dashboard to organize your entire business.

FusionForgeFusionForge has tools to help your team collaborate, like message forums and mailing lists; tools to create and control access to Source Code Management repositories like CVS and Subversion. FusionForge automatically creates a repository and controls access to it depending on the role settings of the project. Learn more about them at www.fusionforge.org

Cool Web Tool #3. Free invoicing with easy online payments.

vogogo_300x100Vogogo is a B2B risk management and payment services business that has spent recent years developing and launching technologies to enable secure and compliant online transaction processing between businesses and their customers. This unique combination gives Vogogo the security, flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of a marketplace driven by technology and seeking reliable risk management as well as effective access to conventional banking and payment services. Visit www.vogogo.com

Cool Web Tool #4.  Easily track your billable hours for each client. 

harvest-time-tracker-1392-b-512x250Whether you’re a landscaping company needing to track design time for 30 different clients or you are a solo attorney needing an easy system to track your billable hours, Harvest is a great tool. They let you easily and accurately track time as well as analyze your time with powerful reports. This cool web tool also allows you to instantly create branded invoices for your clients. You can get this both as desktop and mobile applications. Visit www.GetHarvest.com

Cool Web Tool #5. Stop wasting time with staff scheduling.

shifthub-logo Shift Hub is a great new employee scheduling and communication platform to save you time and money for the small business owner. Now, as a small business owner you don’t have to waste valuable time putting schedules together and responding to constant scheduling change requests. Visit www.ShiftHub.com

There are hundreds of excellent web tools out there today. The place to start of course is to first identify which of your tasks are tedious, recurring and/or involve multiple steps to getting it done.

Once you’ve shortlisted the time consuming tasks in your work you can then begin searching for the right tool. Or, even better why not just ask our community right here and share what you’re searching for in the comment box below.

QUESTION: What is your favorite web tool that has saved you time, money or headaches? 

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