When you are dedicating yourself to achieving a specific goal, you must promise yourself to use the time you’ve blocked off for in ONLY working toward that goal.

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve blocked off time to work on that big project but you find yourself unmotivated, confused and generally unfocused?  You’re trying to remember if your son or daughter has a ride home from school, dreading an afternoon meeting or what you’ll eat for dinner tonight. 

Some call it ricochet rabbit–your mind is “Bing,”Bing”,”Bing” all over the place and pretty much everywhere but on your project.  Instead, the cursor blinks on your blank computer screen and feels like a mocking purgatory.

1–First, take a deep breath.  Know this is perfectly normal, everyone feels this way at some point. 

2–Make a list of everything that needs to be done for this project to be complete. If it’s a new product, the product has to be created, marketing materials need to be produced and the right audience needs to know about it.  What’s your role?  Do you need to research the product so you can write a fact sheet or a brochure?  Write down everything that needs to get done for that project then rank them in the order they should occur.  If you’re familiar with mind mapping this is a great technique to use for clustering all the associated tasks. 

Break the project down into individual tasks and then break those into smaller, bite size chunks. For example, you need to write a brochure–who’s the audience for the brochure?  What should it highlight?  If you’re introducing a new product for dentists for example, look at the key benefits of the product–will it save them time?  Does it make an activity easier?  What’s in it for them? 

3-Set a timer–at eggtimer.com you can set a timer on your computer that will alert you when your allotted time is up. Or, you can set the timer on your cell phone.  Tell yourself for the next 30 minutes, you’ll truly focus on the task at hand.  When your mind wanders–and it will!–bring it back by reminding yourself of your time limit. 

4–Shut out distractions for the duration of the time you commit to focusing on the project at hand.  That means close the door.  Turn off your emails, pagers, cell phone and land lines. Have a snack and drink at your desk so you don’t feel the need to get up for that.  If you have staff, tell key people you are not to be interrupted for the duration of your project slot. 

Here’s my own favorite “gotta get focused” trick.  I drink 2-4 cups of Ginkgo Clarity tea (double bagged of course).  Either this herbal concoction is really effective or my mind just convinces me I’m more focused because of it.  Hmmmmm…?

I hope you will start implementing some of my tricks for staying focused.  If you feel overwhelmed and need help prioritizing,  I’m never more than a phone call away! (215) 292-4947. For more great business growth tips subscribe at https://www.ParamountBusinessCoach.com

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