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by | Sep 12, 2018 | Marketing and Sales Blog Posts

Stop Chasing Prospects Interview Weston Lyon, Yoon Cannon

Listen to Yoon Cannon’s Interview with Author Weston Lyon

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you today, Weston Lyon, author Stop Chasing Prospects and nineteen books, Also, he’s one of the only authors to ever write nine books in eleven months.

In addition, Weston is the Founder of Plug & Play Publishing: a Pittsburgh-based, authority-positioning company that teaches coaches, consultants, speakers, and other education-based service providers who fear rejection and being treated like low-level sales people how to stop chasing prospects and instead position themselves as authorities in their fields and get prospects to start chasing them by writing a book to grow their businesses.

In this audio interview Weston and I talk about excerpts from his book on questions like:

  1. What is an authority and why is it important to become an authority?
  2. What are the 3 steps to position yourself as an authority? 
  3. How do you become an authority?
  4. What are the 5 factors to demonstrate your authority? … and more

Stop Chasing Prospects Book Description

Every entrepreneur I know – big or small, new or seasoned, struggling or successful – focuses their attention on ONE, main challenge they face in their businesses every single day: generating more leads and converting more sales.

After all, that’s what our businesses are really about, right? Yes, we’re in business to help and serve our clients. But without leads and sales, we have no business. Without leads and sales, we don’t have enough money to survive. So, if generating more leads and converting more sales is the main problem most business owners face today, how do we solve that problem? 

Well, most entrepreneurs’ answer is to track down more prospects and beat them into submission. I’m here to tell you that while that’s an option… it’s an annoying and ineffective option at best. We don’t need to chase more business. Instead, we need to STOP CHASING PROSPECTS and get prospects to start chasing us.

In this book, you’ll learn…

  • The fatal difference between being a real authority and being seen as a real authority (this subtle nuance could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!)
  • How to establish trust and confidence with your prospects without the fear of rejection or being treated like a low-level salesperson
  • The secret to positioning yourself as a unique, interesting authority, so prospects ignore your competition and see you as their ONLY choice
  • How to ethically and intelligently leverage and demonstrate your authority so prospects start chasing you

Exclusive Bonus for Interview Listeners:

Find out in the interview how you can receive a digital copy of Weston Lyon’s brand-new book, Stop Chasing Prospects: A Simple, 5-Step Formula to Help You Quickly Establish Trust, Confidence, And a Powerful Authority Position So Prospects Chase You (a $19.95 value) – absolutely free!

Special Offer (All Proceeds Benefit the Agape Africa Fund)

If you want to donate $20 to receive the paperback version of Stop Chasing Prospects. All proceeds will benefit the Agape Africa Fund, a non-profit organization providing resources to support the missionaries and their medical work in and around Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, Africa. For more information about Agape, please visit:

QUESTION: What is your #1 biggest challenge when it comes to prospecting for your business? Please share your comments and questions below.


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