Finding New Clients – 5 LinkedIn Misconceptions That Hurt You From Finding New Clients

Finding new clients

Thousands of businesses use LinkedIn to connect with new clients every single day – but for some reason, you can’t seem to imitate their success. Let’s say LinkedIn has never worked for your business, and you think that it never will.  Worst of all, you can’t figure out why.

I have the answer: the biggest barrier to LinkedIn success is your own attitude. 

Adjusting your LinkedIn Mindset

Finding new clients requires a positive attitude about LinkedIn — a belief that it can work for your business, and a willingness to find out how. To help you embrace the potential of LinkedIn, we’re going to look at some of the most common misconceptions – the limiting beliefs that are hindering your ability to find new clients. This is more than just opinion – we’re going to let statistics do the talking, and prove why you need to develop a positive LinkedIn mindset for finding new clients!

LinkedIn Misconception #1. ‘LinkedIn only works for businesses in the United States’

Most people don’t realize just how global the LinkedIn network is. LinkedIn has over 260 million users, in over 200 hundred countries – and less than a third of those users are based in the US. LinkedIn is huge in countries as diverse as China and the Netherlands, making it a viable source of clients for countries the world over. If you’re a local business, finding new clients through local groups and businesses is easy. And, if you’re international, you can target clients from virtually anywhere in the world.

LinkedIn Misconception #2. ‘Twitter and Facebook are better for generating leads’ 

LinkedIn alone accounts for over two thirds of all visits to corporate websites from social media channels. Facebook generates just 17% of these visits, and Twitter even less, at 14%. As a result, LinkedIn generates more leads for businesses than any other social network. If you aren’t active on LinkedIn, your business is missing out traffic, leads and clients.

LinkedIn Misconception #3. ‘LinkedIn has never generated any clients for me – why should it now?’

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing network, with a year-on-year increase in users of almost 40%. In other words, the odds of finding new clients increase by almost a half every single year. If you haven’t been able to generate new clients, you simply need to try a new approach – and abandoning LinkedIn altogether will cost your business more every year.

LinkedIn Misconception #4. ‘LinkedIn isn’t relevant to my industry’

Regardless of your business niche, you’ll be able to find special interest community groups on LinkedIn full of industry leaders and relevant discussions. All types of business people are active on LinkedIn – from post-graduates looking for experience and knowledge, through to CEOs of multinational companies to athletic coaches from high schools and universities and even facility directors who deal with building maintenance – so regardless of your target audience, finding new clients in your industry has never been easier.

LinkedIn Misconception #5. ’I don’t believe that you can generate leads by posting comments’

Commenting on LinkedIn discussions allows you to show your expertise, and develop relationships with potential clients. If you’re able to solve someone’s problem, they’re going to be grateful to you. They’ll view you and your business as helpful, authoritative and trust-worthy which increases their interest in working with you. Commenting is more than showing off – it’s helping people with your knowledge and thought leadership and nothing is more powerful for finding new clients.

In closing, the statistics don’t lie – LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding new clients, and if you and your business are struggling to capitalize on that, you might need to adjust your mindset.

QUESTIONS: Have any of these misconceptions stopped you from finding new clients? What other factors are still limiting your LinkedIn success? Let me know in the comments below!

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How to Attract MORE Clients Using LinkedIn

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How Do You Develop a Winning Brand Strategy for Your Small Business?

There is a great misconception that spectacular company branding is reserved for large companies that achieve instant recognition from a single image. Although your business may not sell soda in red cans in over 200 countries worldwide, branding is a vital part of your business’s success. In fact, developing and implementing an effective branding strategy is essential for businesses of any size that want to stick it to their competitors and increase their client base.

Here are four steps to help you develop a winning branding strategy:

Step 1) Evaluate your business and consider your competition. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What aspect of your business are you most proud of? Now think about your competitors. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do you stack up compared to the competition? Determine what makes your business stand out.

Step 2) Uncover your clients’ perceptions of your business. You may consider your business’s knack for understanding and addressing the needs and goals of your individual clients to be a strength of your business, but do your clients agree? Understanding your clients’ assessment of your business is crucial to the development of an effective branding strategy. Market research will allow you to gain insight into your clients’ perceptions and to begin to develop a strategy that addresses these views. Take advantage of social media – the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other online social exchange sites can be an excellent method of obtaining customer feedback. Offer incentives to clients who respond to surveys on Facebook and tweet questions about your business to encourage discussion of your business’s strengths and opportunities.

Step 3) Develop a branding strategy. Compare your evaluation of the business to client evaluations. Did you both agree that your business’s employees develop relationships with clients that help the business to understand its clients’ needs and to assist clients in achieving their personal goals? Congratulations – you’ve just found your WOW factor! You have exposed your business’s competitive edge and discovered that your clients are taking notice. Now consider your WOW factor in relation to your overall strategic goals. Create a branding strategy that is aligned with the business’s strategic goals and that enhances your WOW factor. Be sure that the personality of your business and images used in branding are congruent.

Step 4) Communicate your brand. You have already defined your business’s brand, so now it’s time to convey the brand message to your clients. Your brand is communicated to clients through personal contact as well as through media and advertising, and ensuring that the business is portrayed consistently throughout all forms of interaction with clients is the key to successful brand implementation.

By developing a branding strategy centered on consistent representation of the business’s WOW factor, businesses of any size can effectively influence public perception of their brand and become memorable in the marketplace.

If marketing feels like you’re stumbling through this process, you’re not alone! Most business owners are great at their business, but not necessarily great at marketing their businesses.  If you’re ready to win the game of marketing once and for all, then take a look at my marketing training program here:

QUESTION: What does developing a brand mean to you? Please share your comments below.

About Yoon Cannon: Top business coach Yoon Cannon has helped thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and sales teams achieve dramatic results in growing your business. Over the past 20 years Yoon has started 4 successful companies and sold 3 of them. She offers fresh insights as a seasoned business growth expert. Yoon delivers proven process for your sales, marketing and management development.  Grab free valuable gifts and resources at  To book Yoon to speak at your next event email: To schedule a complimentary business coaching consultation call (215) 292-4947. 


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