Motivate Customer Loyalty & Employee Productivity for Business Growth

For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, sustaining business growth in today’s economy can feel like you’re treading water — which is unnecessarily exhausting when you’re doing those 52 weeks a year.

A well thought out marketing plan to attract new customers is important factor to generate business growth. But, all too often entrepreneurs and small business owners overlook two other strategic initiatives that can also impact your business growth in a powerful way. That would be increasing customer loyalty and motivating employee productivity.

We all know it’s much easier to focus on getting repeat business from customers who have already purchased from you than it is to woo and convert a brand new potential buyer to trying you out.  Instead of constantly focusing on where I can find new customers, it’s so much more productive to ask the question, “Who are our best customers now? (You know the ones who already know, like, trust and LOVE us). And, how can we better serve their specific needs?” (more…)

How Your Boss Ratings Impact Your People’s Productivity

Remember the movie The Devil Wears Prada? In case you don’t, it’s the one where Meryl Streep plays the single minded magazine editor. She lives for her power within the fashion industry. She can make or break an upcoming designer’s career as well as the ones of her subordinates. Self serving and arrogant, she epitomizes the “bad boss”. She demeans her staff with a withering look and expects them to do whatever it takes to please her quixotic requests. Get a yet unpublished copy of J.K. Rowling’s latest Harry Potter tale by 3 p.m. today?

Hopefully, you’ve never had to deal a boss quite this arrogant but what kind of boss are you? If you don’t care to know, you should. Because your boss ratings have a high impact on your people’s productivity level and in your people’s level of loyalty. That translates back to you not only to dollars and cents, but also to unnecessary stress and wasted time. (more…)