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Why Fast Growing Companies & SMBs Hired a Business Coach

Find a Business Coach

What do many of the fastest growing companies and small business owners have in common?

Many of them have hired a business coach to help them get there.

As co-chair of the Philly 100 Awards, (a prestigious award that recognizes Philadelphia’s 100 FASTEST growing companies), I hear so many stories of Presidents/CEO’s who decided to hire a business coach.

Here are the top 3 reasons for why these fast-growth business owners decided to hire a business coach, and why you should too:

Your core competency is not in marketing or the business side.

Many people start a business because you are great in the area of your service delivery. You’re a talented IT consultant or a brilliant doctor, an excellent lawyer or a quality contractor. Your gifts, skills and training are in your field of study. But, your technical training didn’t teach you how to market your services. And, it didn’t prepare you on how to run a successful business.

Hiring a business coach helps you to develop and execute a more effective and strategic business development plan, so your company can attract a steady flow of new clients & customers easier & faster.

You want to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Reality is, when you’re working in your business it’s tough to see the forest between the trees. Hiring a business coach enables you to strategize with someone who has the 30,000 foot view of your business.

Why struggle with the “school-of-hard-knocks” approach? Struggling entrepreneurs end up wasting years from slow trial and error trying to navigate their business growth solely on their own.

These fast growth companies hired a business coach because it helped them to work smarter. It saved themselves unnecessary pain and stress. And, it helped them grow their businesses faster and easier.

As the business owner, you have no one else to talk to about your decisions.

If you are the business owner and President, you have hundreds of important decisions to make every week. But, who are you going to hash things out with?

Let’s face it, it can be very lonely at the top. But, it doesn’t have to be. That’s why so many fast growth companies made the decision earlier on to hire their own business coach.

There’s a lot at stake navigating your business growth.

You need a sounding board.

You need need expert feedback and even push back.

Being your own boss is great, but it can also be your achilles heel.

You need a business coach to keep you accountable to follow through so, you don’t fall into poor habits.

You need a business coach to help you get out of your own way.

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