Group Coaching


WHO is the Group Coaching Program Right For?

There are currently 3 different types of Group Coaching programs offered:

1. Marketing Action Group Coaching Club (MAGCC) is for:
Small & Mid-Size Business Owners who want to focus primarily on MARKETING, so you can create a !turnkey marketing system that attracts a steady flow of new clients right now and for years to come.
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2. Secrets to Network Marketing Success (SNMS) Group Coaching is for:
Network marketing entrepreneurs in a Direct Selling Association affiliated company who want to learn how to RECRUIT & DEVELOP powerful sales & management organizations.
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3. Sales Management Magic (SMM) Group Coaching is for:
Sales managers in small and mid-market companies who want to learn how to ATTRACT, RETAIN & DEVELOP high performing sales & marketing representatives and/or high performing account managers.
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WHAT is the Difference Between
Group vs 1-1 Coaching?

1. The GROUP programs are designed to provide you with the necessary TRAINING you need to increase your knowledge & understanding on how you can better leverage specific business growth strategies. Your training is targeted to your specific needs and delivered in a clear, concise, no fluff style. It’s also very interactive, so no boring academic style lectures.

2. The GROUP programs environment gives you the added benefit of NETWORKING. Enrolling in one of these year long programs builds strong relationships and common ground among your co-members . So, naturally, through the process of getting to know one another in this relaxed environment many of my group members have been known to end up happily doing business with one another.

3. The GROUP programs offers you added PEER ACCOUNTABILITY. Creating the right action plans is only half the challenge. The other half is executing it! Having to report every 2 weeks on your follow through steps does wonders for magically helping you follow through consistently!

4. The GROUP programs still offers you (4) Individual Coaching Sessions with me. So, you are getting the best of both worlds. You still get my personal attention & feedback to your specific business situations. You can use these anytime you need.

5. The GROUP programs are a great starter solution for many entrepreneurs because of it’s enrollment investment.

How are Your Group Coaching Programs Offered?

You have 2 choices:

1. VIRTUAL – this option makes it very convenient for time-crunched Entrepreneurs to easily be able to fit in a 60-90 minute group session into your calendar twice a month. This virtual group coaching program option also allows international business owners to be able to enroll in one of Yoon Cannon’s powerful business growth coaching programs.

2. LIVE – if you are a business owner who prefers live face to face interaction then Yoon Cannon’s
Live Group Coaching programs are a perfect fit for you.