Expert Interview Confirmation

Expert Interview Confirmation

Your interview appointment is confirmed!
I am looking forward to our Zoom video call to pre-record the interview with you.

Please note the following reminders into your calendar:

  • Your interview appointment will run 30 minutes with the recorded portion of our interview about 15-20 minutes.
  • The interview is recorded on Zoom, which my team will then repurpose the video into written blog article content to publish on our websites and promote on LinkedIn.

1- Please use a good quality microphone / headset / airpods for the best sound quality. Also, be sure you are in a QUIET room without any background noise or interruptions. Be sure to turn OFF your notifications and cell phone.

2- To deliver the best video quality for our viewers please be sure you are in a well lit room free of any distracting backgrounds. It is also recommended the computer you join our Zoom interview from is hard wired if possible, to provide you with the best internet connection.

3- I am the founder of both Paramount Business Coach and Trustbook Media.

Trustbook MediaPlease be sure to WHITELIST the following email addresses, so you don’t miss the reminders for our interview.

4- Interview questions may include:

  • Introduce yourself – share your 60-second elevator pitch
  • Tell us three fun facts about who you are as a person.
  • What is one key lesson you learned (or biggest challenge you overcame) in your own entrepreneurial journey that can help our audience of SMB owners avoid struggling and/or costly mistakes?
  • [for Lawyers] What are 3-5 biggest pitfalls you help your clients avoid as it pertains to your practice area?
  • What are top 3 things business owners should look for when looking to hire companies like yours?
  • How can our audience get in touch with you?

I also welcome for you to email me a list of any additional questions you would like me to ask you to

After the Interview

What You Can Expect From Us ~ Yoon will reach out to you on the day your interview gets published. Looking forward to the interview!

Yoon Cannon, Host
Founder of Paramount Business Coach and
Trustbook Media

P.S. Legal Stuff: By agreeing to and recording this interview, you give Yoon Cannon (and Paramount Business Coach / Trustbook Media) all rights to distribute and disseminate the interview in any format or manner.