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Info for Guest Experts for Yoon’s YouTube Channel –

Biz Growth Doctors

Thanks for your interest in being interviewed and featured as a guest expert.

This page was created to provide you with an outline of what to expect next and more about how this process works.

The purpose of our show is to inspire viewers and listeners all over the world who desire to create a thriving business and life they love.


1 – FOUNDERS and CEO’s of 1M-20M companies to share your your hero’s journey to success with us and key actionable strategies you’ve learned along the way.

2- EXPERTS to share actionable strategies that solve a very specific pain point that 7 figure CEO’s and small business owners struggle with.


The Biz Growth Doctors show is geared to 7 Figure CEO’s and emerging 7 Figure entrepreneurs who want actionable strategies that will help them get faster results in growing their SERVICE business.

Our viewers represent a wide range of businesses. Popular industries include:

1-  B2B: Accounting firms, Law firms,  Consultants, Emerging Franchisors, Executive Search Firms, Financial/Insurance Agencies, Marketing Agencies, IT Businesses, Promotional Product Companies, Publishers, SaaS-software, Security Systems, Staffing Agencies and more …

2- HEALTH & WELLNESS: chiropractors, health clubs, Naturopathic doctors, med spas, senior home care, therapists…

3- TRADE: builders, construction, designers, electricians, flooring, home services, landscape designers, painting, remediation …

Including any of these types of businesses in your customer stories and case studies are helpful.

How Can I be a Guest on the Show?


Fill out our brief Guest Interview Intake form

Once you SUBMIT your intake form,  we will review it. If your interview topic is the right fit for our audience you will receive a calendar invitation from proposing a date/time to record your scheduled podcast/YouTube interview.

Example Questions You May Be Asked During Your Interview:


Summary Introduction

▶    What does your company do and who is your target market?
▶    What motivated you to start your business?
▶    How many years did it take before your business hit the 7 (or 8) figure milestone?

Struggle story – what was the most difficult time in your business?

▶    Situation
▶    Emotions – desires vs demons
▶    Beliefs – what lie did you believe during this time of struggle?


▶    Beliefs – what new belief (truth) empowered you?
▶    People – who were the people you turned to for support and guidance?
▶    Tactics – what key actionable tactics worked for you that you attribute to giving your business a growth spurt?

Success Story

▶    What achievement are you most proud of in your business?
▶    What has that allowed you to do and have now that you couldn’t do/have before?
▶    What are you working towards next that you’re really excited about?
▶    What advice do you want to give to other’s whose business has hit a plateau?

Super Fast Lighting Round

▶    Recommended book that helped you grow as a CEO?
▶    What do you do to inject fun into your work day?
▶    What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
▶    What’s the best way for viewers to connect with you?



▶    What does your company do and who do you best serve?
▶    How did you become an expert in this specialized area?

Specific Outcome Goal

▶    What is the specific outcome goal you’re here to talk about today?


▶    What are the classic warning signs entrepreneurs experience in their businesses that they have a _____ problem that you’re here to talk about today?


▶    What are the classic mistakes business owners make where they end up trying to solve this problem the wrong way or the long way?

Secrets (strategy-treatment plan)

▶    What are 3 secrets you can teach us that will speed their success in overcoming this struggle?


▶    What is the entrepreneur’s biggest fear that keeps them from solving their problem this way?
▶    What shift in thinking is required to help them get unstuck around this fear?

Success Stories

▶    What are specific client success stories (case studies) to give our listeners hope and belief to what’s possible?
▶    What was their before and after story when they applied what you shared today?

Significant Difference

▶    For entrepreneurs who are actively seeking your expertise, what is the biggest difference working with you vs other ____?

Special Free Offer

▶    Do you have a free offer you’d like to give related to what you taught today?
If so, please share the URL

Please keep in mind every single interview is unique as the natural flow to each individual guest. Although we will have your suggested interview questions as a guide for structure, we really want us to have a natural conversation where you are sharing from the heart.

The outlined questions above are to give you an idea of what you can expect. Your show introduction will be created based upon the information you provide in the “Short Bio” section of the interview appointment form you fill out.

What We Need From You

The  recorded portion of our interview will run about 30-40 minutes.

1- To deliver the best sound quality for our listeners it’s required that you use a microphone / headset for optimal show quality. If you don’t own a headset/mic you can pick up my recommended low end headset on Amazon right here for about $25 and have it delivered to your doorstep in 2 days. It’s well worth the investment. Good quality sound is important for a YouTube interview, so interviews will be cancelled if guests arrive without a working microphone headset.

Also, for best sound quality be sure you are in a QUIET room without any background noises or interruptions. Be sure to turn OFF your notifications and cell phone.

2- To deliver the best video quality for our viewers please be sure you are in a well lit room free of any distracting backgrounds. It is also recommended the computer you join our Zoom interview from is hard wired if possible, to provide you with the best internet connection.

3- You provide your interview questions, bio/intro and headshot in the links above.


The VIDEO interview will be conducted on Zoom. You will receive the link as soon as you book your interview time.

Yoon Cannon will be waiting for you precisely at your scheduled appointment time.

0:00 – Meet and Greet, Check Levels, Correct Pronunciations

0:05 – Press RECORD

0:28-38 – “Thanks for joining us. We’ll catch you later” *Please don’t disconnect yet*

0:39 – Post Interview. Any issues, questions, concerns, missing information?  Thanks and Goodbye.

After the Interview

What You Can Expect From Us

Yoon will give you a general idea of when your show will be released and go live on YouTube as well as promoted all across the Internet. Please keep in mind release dates can fluctuate but that you will be contacted via email and Facebook (via ) the day before your interview is published online as well as the day of. Your email will include direct episode links in YouTube as well as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter share links making it point and click easy for you to share with your tribe.

How You Can Help Us Help You

The greatest gift you can do to help and support us is simply SHARE your interview with your tribe of followers and subscribers. We always make it a point on our end to share your show with our entire database, everything from YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn,  Twitter, Email Subscriber Lists, you name it because it’s our mission to get your message heard and we appreciate the mutual love.

Please subscribe to our show on YouTube WHEN WE LAUNCH as well as leave us a review and honest rating because every single review and rating helps us spread your message to a bigger audience.

Most Important

Thank you so very much for investing your most precious asset in this world which is “Your time” for being a guest on Biz Growth Doctors YouTube Show If you’re ready to schedule your interview:

Looking forward to the interview.

Yoon Cannon
Show Host

P.S. Legal Stuff: By agreeing to and recording this interview, you give Biz Growth Doctors YouTube Show and Paramount Business Coach, LLC all rights to distribute and disseminate the interview in any format or manner. You also agree to allow Yoon Cannon and Paramount Business Coach, LLC all future rights to the produced media for speeches, printed material, books, videos, and all other public distribution.

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