A mastermind group is a CONFIDENTIAL organization of 6 to 12 business owners from similar sized non-competing businesses. Meeting together at least once a month resolving the biggest challenges.


Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, first defined the mastermind as a… 

Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.


(excerpt from Chapter 10 in Think and Grow Rich)

power of mastermind

No individual may have great power without availing himself of the mastermind. Share on X


think and grow richIn the preceding chapter, instructions were given for the creation of PLANS which translates DESIRE into its monetary equivalent.

With PERSISTENCE and intelligence, and the use of discrimination, the objective will have been half-way reached, even before you recognize it.

You may better understand the “intangible” potentialities of capability available to you through a properly chosen group. It will explain the two principle’s characteristics. Economic in nature and the other psychic. So the industrial feature is obvious.

So economic advantages may be created by anyone who surrounds himself with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of men. Thus, willing to lend him wholehearted aid, in a spirit of PERFECT UNITY.

This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune. With a high understanding of this, may determine your financial status.

Andrew Carnegie attributed his entire resources to the capacity he accumulated through this Mastermind.

Andrew Carnegie


Here is the summary of how Andrew Carnegie would open each of his mastermind group sessions:


“I RELEASE myself to the mastermind because I am strong when I have others to help me.
I BELIEVE the combined intelligence of the mastermind creates wisdom far beyond my own.  
I UNDERSTAND that I will more easily create positive results in my life when I am open to looking at myself my problems and opportunities from another’s point of view.

I DECIDE to release my desire totally in trust to the mastermind and I am open to accepting new possibilities.

I FORGIVE myself for mistakes I have made I also forgive others who have hurt me in the past so I can move into the future with a clean slate.

I ASK the mastermind to hear what I really want my goals my dreams and my desires and I hear my mastermind partners supporting me in my fulfillment.

I ACCEPT. I know, relax and accept believing that the working power of the mastermind will respond to my every need.”