As far as what to look for, here are three important factors in choosing a peer advisory mastermind group. It’s also how I structure my own:


 It’s hard to go deep if a group is only meeting a quick hour. The pursuit for organizations that unite every month for at least HALF day or FULL day sessions.

A typical agenda in this kind of groups I facilitate flow like this:

    ➢ Arrival, Coffee, CEO member to member conversations
    ➢ Opening comments, affiliate wins, & accountability updates
    ➢ Monthly Focus ~ Officer skill development discussion, exercises
    ➢ LUNCH
    ➢ Individual Spotlight – Core Challenge Presentation and Mastermind
    ➢ CEO Q-Storming Roundtable
    ➢ Member Rapid Fire Mastermind
    ➢ Personal 30-Day Action Plan Development

    With the groups I run, each member takes turns giving a demonstration on their core business challenge along with questions they want to ask their peer group.

    We hash it out together to brainstorm innovative ideas. In the end, you get to hear the stories of what worked as well as what didn’t perform well from your peers.

    Sometimes I talk to a business owner who doubts whether they can take a full day away from their field every month. Consequently, that’s a tell-tale sign that they’re the ones who need it the most because isn’t that the whole idea of having your own career?

    If you can’t take a day away monthly you’ve given yourself a JOB not a businessCLICK TO TWEET

    I say this 100% of the time to people who invest themselves in belonging to the right society. It is important to realize the breakthroughs they get from taking a day away may end up saving them from hundreds of hours going in the wrong direction.


    – Writing out your to-do lists all you want, but you know from experience it doesn’t mean you’re going to follow through on what you know you should do.

    That’s the double-edged sword of being your own boss. You’re not liable to anyone in your own field.

    Nevertheless, when you’re in a peer association, you have the pressure of the group. They will encourage you and holds you accountable. It’s far easier to let yourself down, then to let others sink.


    – Many mastermind societies include 1-1 coaching in addition to the monthly sessions. However, a lot of crowds are led by someone who comes from a corporate background. So the reality of solving challenges that SMB’s go through is a completely different approach than how you’re able to solve them inside an Enterprise size company.

    And for this reason, as a business owner, what you want to inspect for in your facilitators is someone who comes from a successful entrepreneur background.

    Otherwise, it’s like training with a soccer coach who has never actually played the game of soccer.

    In short, that’s essentially WHAT a Peer Advisory Mastermind Group is and what to search for…

    But let me tell you…

    Top 3 Reasons WHY Smart Entrepreneurs Join Peer Advisory Groups in the next chapter.