Get Your Marketing Executed Faster with This…

Rent Our Marketing Team

As the founder you have so many marketing ideas you want to implement, but not enough time to manage it all. Whether you’re looking to hire your own in house marketer or you prefer to outsource we’ve got you covered. 

If you prefer hiring in house, we save you hundreds of hours by training your marketing person/team for you to speed your success.


As the founder you’re already working nonstop, but still feel like you’re not making a dent on getting all the marketing strategies implemented. 

▶  You’ve tried hiring marketing agencies, but the cost is too expensive for you to sustain.

▶  You’ve tried outsourcing to ‘cheap’ labor, only to be disappointed with poor, cheap results — not to mention the enormous time and energy to project manage a bunch of freelancers who often go rogue.

▶  You want to hire your own in house marketer, but having a hard time finding quality candidates who are truly skilled in all things marketing.



Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re looking to hire your own in house marketer or you prefer to outsource we’ve got you covered. 

 We transform your in-house person/team into a marketing rock star! We train your marketing person/team for you and even hold them accountable with weekly live and recorded training with personalized coaching and feedback, so you can peace of mind that your marketing is getting done the right way.

▶  You can Rent-Our-Marketing-Team in flexible blocks of 10, 20, 30 or 40+ hrs a week, so you can hit the ground running to implement the marketing you’ve been wanting to get to for months and years. 


Most marketing agencies who deliver excellent work are geared to enterprise companies. But what about startups and SMBs? That’s where we shine.

▶  Most marketing training programs are notorious for overwhelming your team with hundreds of hours of training content to consume. This only results in information overload and paralysis. 

Rather than drowning you with 80% of content from which you’ll only actually use 20% of, we do the opposite. We identify which 20% of marketing methods will bring in 80% of new leads and customers for your unique business and then we train you/your team on getting great at the 20%.

Most virtual staffing agencies simply do a poor job. We know because we’ve tried many, many, many agencies ourselves! That’s why we decided to ‘scratch our own itch’ and train our own people how to do marketing the right way. 

The 2nd key advantage is flexibility. Most virtual staffing agencies charge you for each additional area of specialty. Let’s say you have 3 hours a week of online research tasks, 3 hrs to publish blog articles, 3 hrs to post on social media and 5 hrs a week for SEO, 4 hrs of admin, 5 hrs for graphic design.  That means other agencies would charge you for 6 separate people you need to commit a weekly block of time to reserve all 6 people on a weekly basis.

We know as a small business your needs can change and shift week to week. When you Rent-Our-Marketing-Team you buy blocks of time you can use it any which way you want.

Uses & Features

Train Your Marketing Team for You

Your marketing person/team has access to:


Weekly live and recorded training targeted to the specific areas they will be executing for you.

Weekly Q&A coaching hours where we deliver personalized feedback, accountability, coaching and course correction. 

Access to our done-for-you templates, checklists and processes that saves hundreds of hours from creating it all on our own.

Rent Our Marketing Team

 You have access to:


Real time reporting and status updates on all marketing tasks where you can contribute your comments and any new ideas you want to see included.

Weekly reporting on your marketing metrics. 

Monthly check in calls with your project manager. You’ll receive a summary update on monthly progress and any recommended changes/shifts.

I invite you to contact me for a no-charge discovery session where we can explore your business plan consulting needs.