Small Business Consulting

Sales & Marketing

Whether you’re trying to grow your small business to 1 Million or to the 50 Million dollar milestone (or more)

you can get there faster and easier with the help of outside small business consulting.

In any organization, it’s easy to get stuck in the stale “group-think syndrome.”

Or worse, if that group is just you, it’s tough to see the forest between the trees when you’re forging it alone.

My small business consulting helps you address these common challenges and injects new ways of thinking giving you fresh, innovative strategies to grow your business.

The scope of our small business consulting engagement can include one, two or all four of these core areas to help you stand out, sell, serve and scale.

Stand Out

A core area of business growth is attracting new clients. During our small business consulting we tackle creating a well thought out, customized, strategic marketing plan to roll out a new product or service or simply to increase the effectiveness of marketing existing services.


Client conversion has grown increasingly difficult in today’s market. Yet, so many organizations are still using out dated, canned, gimmicky sales approaches that are no longer effective with today’s frazzled customer. If sales conversion is a low performing piece for you, let’s talk so we can improve your sales conversion results.


Improving customer service is a critical piece to growing your company. Happier customers are repeat customers which increases sales. Happier customers also give better testimonials which makes marketing work better. If you don’t have an effective turnkey customer service program, let’s talk about how small business consulting can impact customer service for you.


Many entrepreneurs seek out small business consulting to write a strong business plan so you can win funding from banks, angel investors, or venture capitalists. But, even if you’re not pitching for capital you still need to have a strategic plan to map out how you will cultivate sales growth year after year.

Do you need a small business marketing consultant to help you STAND OUT?

A core area of business growth is attracting new clients. During our small business marketing consulting, we tackle creating a well-thought-out, customized and strategic marketing plan.

To stand out in today’s crowded and increasingly competitive market…

…I will take you through my proven, winning 7-step process:


Milestone #1

Evaluate your current marketing activities and deliver feedback for gaps and opportunities.

Milestone #2

Identify target market niches and co-create a detailed market profile.

Milestone #3

Assess your top competitors and define your unique positioning message.

Milestone #4

Co-create a systematized outbound marketing series to sustain engagement with your prospects with no risk and low risk irrestible offers.

Milestone #5

Develop customized strategy for building your expertise.

Milestone #6

Create an online marketing strategy with you and provide necessary support.

Milestone #7

Develop an offline marketing strategy with you and provide needed support.

I hold your hand each step of the way, offering you invaluable shortcuts and insights from someone who is not just a small business marketing consultant, but also a fellow entrepreneur. I know what it’s like to live in your shoes, wearing all the hats running a company.

I show you what works, what’s practical and what’s realistic to dramatically improve business development results. Each marketing step has measurable results.

You are getting more than simply a small business marketing consultant. As a business growth expert, I have helped numerous clients solve sales problems by knowing how to incorporate key changes in their marketing strategy.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?