Business Plan Consulting

Philadelphia Business Growth Expert

Business plans aren’t just for start-ups.
They should be done every year.


There’s a lot at stake that’s riding on your business plan. That’s why it’s important to seek expert business plan consulting.

Pitching to Banks and Investors

If you’re pitching to banks and investors for funding, that $20,000 or 2 Million you need will ride largely on how well prepared the plan is.

Adapt and Respond

If you’re trying to increase revenues (and who isn’t) business plan consulting can help you create a detailed roadmap that addresses how you will adapt and respond to new changes happening in the marketplace, so you can reach those new goals.

Business plan consulting is about creating smarter strategies that solve current business challenges.

It’s your playbook.

Find the Right Consultant for Your Business Plan

If you are looking for a business plan writer, make sure you’re not just looking for someone who is a simply good writer. Professional writers are not typically business growth strategists. That’s why getting the right business plan consulting is so important.

Be careful who you rely on to write the roadmap. A business plan is not a commodity service to be done by the lowest bidder. A business plan, done well, can set you up for success. If the plan is done poorly it will also set you up for failure.

If you’d like to discuss your business plan consulting needs.

I have started 4 other successful companies and sold 3 of them over the past 20 years.

Let me walk you through my business plan consulting process:

#1. Executive Summary

Product Overview
Market Demand Indicators
Funding Secured
Funding Required

#2. Goals & Objectives

#3. Keys to Success

#4. Start Up Summary

Breakdown of Expenses
Long Term Assets
Short Term Assets
Start Up Assets Total to Fund
Start Up Expense Total to Fund
Grand Opening Roll Out Plan

#5. Financial Plan

Pricing Strategy
Sales Loss Leader Strategy
Sales Forecast
Profit Margins
Break-even Analysis
Gross Margin Monthly Projection
Gross Margin Yearly Projection
Projected Cash Flow
Projected Balance Sheet

#6. Company Ownership

#7. Products & Services

#8. Competitive Analysis & Comparison

#9. Marketing Analysis Summary

Target Market Profile
Market Segmentation
Target Market Segment Strategy
Market Needs
Market Growth

#10. Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Competitive Advantage — USP
Strategic Alliances
Online Marketing Tactics
Offline Marketing Tactics
Marketing Implementation Team

#11. Sales Strategy

Sales Approach & Training
Sales Forecast Year 1, 2, 3
Sales Season Breakdown

#12. Management Summary

Organizational Chart
Personnel & Payroll Projections
Hiring Strategy

I invite you to contact me for a no-charge discovery session where we can explore your business plan consulting needs.